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  • Interviews coming up? Already stressed with frameworks uncertainty?
  • Looking for a professionally structured prep plan tailored to your background? 
  • Getting only simple, widely circulated cases on the most common topics? 

...At the real interview, it will be even more stressful and overwhelming!

I am happy to boost your interview performance! I offer a well-researched, professionally structured prep plan with all essential tools, types of structures, and industry knowledge. Up-to-date cases from the actual interviews include operational, digital, and non-conventional cases, as well as Fit interview preparation.

IMPORTANT: My sessions are not limited to 1 hour and are not time-constrained. My cases are the most challenging ones from real case interviews and not the outdated casebooks. Sessions include industry and functional knowledge sharing, as I believe it's critical to success. Some sessions will require homework. If you are ready for hard work – welcome on board!

You can choose from several options:

  1. Single sessions (i.e. you can select a diagnostic session or one of the sessions from the 15 sessions below - Fit Interview, Ops Cases, Non-conventional cases, Digital, etc.). I also offer a Written Case prep.

  2. A package of 5 sessions (We select 5 sessions out of 15 below depending on the company you are applying to. E.g. for McKinsey, you'll need Advanced Fit interview, Ops, Non-conventional cases). More information on the package here: https://www.preplounge.com/en/profile.php?id=95085#coaching-package

  3. A package of 10 sessions - pls reach out for an extra discount on that.


  • Failed MBB interviews in 2011 and joined Accenture
  • Practiced 150+ cases and joined McKinsey. Got all MBB offers and multiple Tier 2 firms
  • Finished Harvard Business School, currently Product Strategy Principal at Google
  • Just on Preplounge, I conducted more than 400 sessions and became #1 Q&A contributor
  • For the last five years mentored more than 100 candidates to successfully obtain MBB offers 
  • Author of the Fit Interview prep program for myconsultingcoach.com. Founder and Author of CaseCopilot - The First Fully Interactive Case Interview Coaching System
  • Now I want you to land your dream job!


Session 1: Basic Profitability Structures

  • Case: Declining profits in Media

  • Key Concepts: Approach to note-taking, 3 types of clarifying questions, Doing the recap, Taking a minute throughout the case, Presenting your structure, Math structure prioritization, 2 most common pitfalls in profitability cases, 7 steps to approaching calculations, 4 essential calculation skills (equations, calculation with zeros, multiplication of the double digits, division table), Drilling into the root cause, 5 steps to approach creativity questions, How to build business acumen

  • Functional knowledge: Sales process

Session 2: Strategic Cases

  • Case: Market entry in Telecommunications

  • Key Concepts: Integrated approach to strategic cases (Market Entry, New product, Private Equity, Revenue Growth, etc), 3 key requirements for the bullet points in your structure, Top-down communication, Concise communication, 7 Steps to analyze charts and tables, 2 common pitfalls in charts and tables, Interviewee-led and candidate-led cases

  • Industry knowledge: Telecommunications (Wireless value chain, ARPU, revenue streams, MVNO, LTV, CAC)

Session 3: Strategic Cases (Continued)

  • Case: Private Equity M&A

  • Key Concepts: Integrated approach to strategic cases (cont.), PE clarifying questions, Due Diligence structure, 3 types of data requests, Competitor analysis, Synthesis, Structuring to find a Root Cause, 2 ways of using a Hypotheses, Providing a soft recommendation

  • Functional knowledge: Private equity deals

Session 4: Value Chain Cases

  • Case: Supply chain optimization in Pharma

  • Key concepts: Clarifying questions reducing the structure, Advanced questions on creativity, Value chain, 3 types of cases to apply Value Chain, Operational Bottlenecks, 2 types of Synergies, Structuring any process

  • Industry knowledge: Key pitfalls in pharma cases (OTC vs prescription, Patent regulation, Pharma value chain, Consumers vs. customers)

Session 5: Operational Improvements

  • Case: Operational math problem in real life (reducing the queue)

  • Key concepts: Clarifying questions reducing the structure (cont), Understanding the numbers format, Little's Law, Output rate, Capacity, Utilization, Cycle time, Throughput time, Buffer, 3 approaches to bottlenecks

  • Functional knowledge: Operational Math, Process Optimization Fundamentals

Session 6: Cost-Cutting

  • Case: Cost-cutting in Mining

  • Key concepts: Cost-cutting structure, Costs prioritization, Structuring through the case (cont.) Internal / external benchmarking, Labor Efficiency, Core processes and supporting processes, Idle time, 5 approaches to structuring, Process optimization frameworks (cont.), Investment Decision, FTE calculations

  • Functional knowledge: Cost-Cutting Fundamentals

Session 7: Advanced Profitability Structures

  • Case: Profitability in Retail

  • Key concepts: Addressing specific details in the case prompt, 3 ways to structure revenues, Structuring retail processes 

  • Industry knowledge: Key revenue drivers in retail (Traffic and Av. Check drivers: Store formats, Location, Pricing, Assortment, Promotions, Shelving, Loyalty Programs, Personal Sales, etc.). Applying the key retail concepts to HORECA. Network optimization. Retail cost structure and optimization. Key metrics (SSS / LFL sales, space / labor efficiency). 

Session 8: Addressing A Specific Problem

  • Case: Increasing a specific revenue stream of an Airline

  • Key concepts: Structuring a specific problem, 3 types of pricing, Pricing Strategy, Calculations pitfalls (cont.), Collecting data on the real project, Approaches to fixing the process

  • Industry knowledge: Airlines (Profitability in airlines, regular vs. discounters, major revenue streams, cost structure, differentiation by class and direction)

Session 9: Market Sizing

  • Cases: 8 market-sizing cases covering ALL essential market sizing approaches and tools

  • 20 essential market-sizing tools: 2 ways to structure market sizing, Households, Assumptions and adjustments of assumptions, Age groups, Annualized calculations, Market Sizing Recommendations, Supply assumptions, Segmentations, Sanity checks, Life expectancy, Replacement rate, Supply and demand-side approaches, Geographical benchmarks, 80 / 20 approach, Proxy numbers,  80/20 approach to income, Additional use-cases, Merging supply and demand approaches, Capacity / Utilization (Occupancy), B2B and commercial use-cases, Applying business judgment, Learning the key numbers

Session 10: Non-Conventional Cases

  • Cases: 9 non-conventional cases (Public sector, non-profit, investment decision, Macroeconomics) covering essential approaches and tools

  • 10 essential non-conventional cases tools: Supply and Demand Structure, clarifying questions for non-conventional cases, 5 approaches to structuring, Using macroeconomic definitions, Approaching non-profit and public sector cases, Clarifying the major stakeholder, Developing KPIs, Interactions with the various stakeholders, Addressing the context of the case, Crafting a tailored structure with building blocks

Session 11:

  • Case: Digital case - merging IT systems

  • Key concepts: IT strategy framework, userbase calculations using integral

  • Industry Knowledge: IT systems, Types of apps, Cloud Infrastructure, Security considerations, Programming tools considerations

Session 9:

  • Case: Valuation

  • Key concepts: WACC, Hurdle rate, NPV, Perpetuity, Rule of 72, Book value

  • Functional knowledge: Financial basics

Session 12:

  • Case: Launching a Direct bank

  • Key Concepts: Universal banking framework, LTV, Churn, User Acquisition, Retention

  • Industry knowledge: Banking (3 types of banking income, Risk, Funding, Banking opex, Wholesale banking vs. Retail banking, Key drivers of acquisition and retention).

Session 14:

FIT interview :

  • Your story (Perfect structure, USP, How to stand out)

  • Why Consulting? (3 reasons tailored to your background)

  • Why Company? (3 reasons tailored to your office)

  • Leadership story (Perfect structure, Perfect story setting – selecting the story, 3 leadership roles you need to cover, Crafting your story)

  • Personal Impact (Perfect structure, 7 ways to influence others, Crafting your story)

  • Achievement (Perfect structure, How the consultants perceive achievements, Crafting your story)

  • Entrepreneurial drive (Perfect structure, How the consultants perceive entrepreneurship, Crafting your story)

  • Your questions to the interviewer (Questions not to ask, Questions about the background, Questions to demonstrate curiosity and intellectual capacity, Questions to leave a positive impression)

Session 15:

FIT Interview 2 - Crafting your backup stories


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