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BCG Online Case Secrets

Master the 5 Types of Questions Asked by the Chatbot
Discover the Exact Steps to Prepare for the 1-Minute Video Assessment
Prepare in Advance by Solving 2 Complete Chatbot Cases
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BCG Online Case Secrets
  • BCG Online Case Combo: Software Simulation
  • BCG Online Case Secrets
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  • The BCG Potential Test (worth $39) – you will train on multiple choice questions, math and graph analysis – all areas tested during the BCG Online Case.

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Your Ultimate Guide for the BCG Online Case


  • Do you have to take the BCG Online Case and don‘t know how to get ready?
  • Do you want to do the Chatbot Interview without feeling “I may have prepared for this”?
  • Are you tired of reading blog posts and guides saying you should “do GMAT prep“, “be yourself“ and that “there is no real way to prepare”?


Are you looking for a guide that:

  • Explains step-by-step how to crack every type of question of the Chatbot?
  • Answers all your questions and breaks down all the myths and misconceptions on the Online Case?
  • Shows you the simple path to perform well in the One Way Video Assessment and move to the next round?


After coaching hundreds of BCG candidates, Francesco is ready to tell you all the secrets no one ever revealed on the BCG Online Case.


You can now get the exact information that took him months and tens of interviews to accumulate – in one click. This guide works for every single office having the test and every single variation of the Chatbot interview. Whether you haven’t read anything on the BCG Online Case or already purchased multiple guides, you are sure to find value in the “BCG Online Case Secrets” guide.


This 144-page guide will:

  • Show you the perfect strategy for each of the 5 types of questions in the Chatbot
  • Explain every single part of the Online Case with ad-hoc pictures
  • Detail the exact steps to improve in the 5 areas tested in the Chatbot interview
  • Offer you a clear strategy to perfectly structure the One-Way Video Assessment
  • Provide insider information from previous applicants who succeeded the Online Case
  • Reveal the must-know answers to the most common questions on the BCG Online Case
  • NEW: Structure a clear preparation plan based on FREE PSTs and Potential Tests
  • NEW: Replicate the same experience of the interview thanks to 2 FREE Complete Chatbot Cases (Casey-style)


This guide will cover every single part of the BCG Online Case, so you can be 100% confident the day of the assessment, without worrying “I should have prepared better for this”.


You won’t have to spend countless hours reading information online or guides that pack useless information on previous versions or areas not even covered in the real test – you will find everything you need here.


You will also get all the future versions of the Guide – for free! If you buy the guide now, you will have access to its future updates. If the test changes in the next few weeks, you will be covered.


We may change this in the future, so we recommend you buy it now to benefit from the lifetime access!


BUY NOW BCG Online Case Secrets and start your journey to your BCG offer!


Page 2-5


  • The Chatbot Challenge
Page 6-11

Overview of the BCG Online Case

  • What is the BCG Online Case
  • The Last Version of the Test – The Real Parts Tested
  • The Skills Tested – Overview
Page 12-18

The Structure of the Case

  • The Case Today – The Current Structure
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: Detailed Overview
  • Open Questions: Detailed Overview
  • Video Interview Assessment: Detailed Overview
Page 19-22

The Skills Tested

  • The Skills Tested – Definition
  • The Skills Tested – Example of Questions Asked
  • Differences Between Skills Tested in the Online Case and 1-to-1 Interviews
Page 23-49

Hacking the Chatbot Case

  • Question Type 1: Example and Ideal Answer
  • Question Type 2: Example and Ideal Answer
  • Question Type 3: Example and Ideal Answer
  • Question Type 4: Example and Ideal Answer
  • Question Type 5: Example and Ideal Answer
Page 50-55

Hacking the Video Assessment

  • Video Assessment Question: Example and Ideal Answer
Page 56-68

Mastering the Skills

  • Mastering the Skills – What You Should Practice
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 1
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 2
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 3
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 4
  • Mastering Individual Skills
Page 69-71

Learning Tests Best Practices

  • Test Best Practices – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet
Page 72-82

FAQs, Final Tips and Conclusions

  • Your Path to Master the Online Case
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hacking the Case – Final Tips from Previous Candidates
Page 83-84

Appendix 1 – Casey Instructions

  • How to do the Casey Tests in the Best Possible Way
Page 85-114

Appendix 2 – Casey Test #1

  • Casey Simulation #1 + Solutions
Page 115-142

Appendix 2 – Casey Test #2

  • Casey Simulation #2 + Solutions

About the Author

Content Creator
#1 Coach for Sessions (4.500+) | 1.500+ 5-Star Reviews | Proven Success (➡ | Ex BCG | 10Y+ Coaching

Francesco is an interview coach, former BCG consultant and tech entrepreneur. He is the #1 coach on for meetings done, where he completed more than 3.000 expert sessions.

As a coach for consulting interviews, Francesco helped hundreds of candidates to land offers from McKinsey, BCG and Bain. Since 2016, he organizes consulting bootcamps in some of the leading universities in Europe.

As a consultant, Francesco joined BCG in the Milan office, where he worked on projects in the energy, industrial goods and consumer goods sectors. After BCG, he worked in venture capital in Germany as an angel fund associate.

As an entrepreneur, Francesco founded two companies in Europe and Asia in the entertainment and EdTech sectors. He is currently leading a Singapore-based company and supporting startups as a strategic advisor.

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May 15, 2021 by BERI-

Let me start with saying this is must-buy material because of several reasons (and it helped me to pass my online case) 1. Explanation of the casey format; the guide really tells you how the casey online case will go. Even if you have done many cases, the Casey format is different and somewhat challenging in its way. This guide really covers those aspects. It is easy to think that maybe asking people who have done this online case will help understand the system, but I did that to several people. However, the information that is gotten from this guide is the one that really helps me. Because my “several” is much less than tens of candidates who already help prepare this guide. 2. Structure of this guide; Also, the structure of this guide is really easy to follow and lets you deal with your weaknesses. So it’s great if you don't have much time to prepare. 3. Time-saving; Time is one of the biggest challenges on this test, the hack way that This guide provides really makes you save some time during the case. I finished my case 4 mins(out of 25 mins which are around 16%) earlier than the allocated time. Without this guide, I will take longer for sure. 4. Flexible approach; This guide is suitable for people who don't have much time to prepare because it contains several great methods and hacks for each skill tested, as I mentioned before. However, it is also great for people who will have more time to prepare as this guide contains some additional resources (including the free one) to look into.5. I don't usually buy materials to prepare, but this guide is definitely worth every penny, and it helped me pass my online case. 6. Francesco is also super responsive to your message if you have any questions. In the end, don't risk your chance of not passing an online case by not buying this guide!

5 users found this review helpful.
May 16, 2021 by Anonymous

I recently took the BCG chatbot assessment, and can confirm that the materials in this package exactly fit with what I have experienced. It can be inefficient and confusing to look around what is available in the public and guess what to expect during this test. The test itself is not a simple multiple choice format so it is important to mentally prepare for what could come. Of course, you will need to be competent with case study principles such as structuring, exhibit, math, recomendation, etc.

4 users found this review helpful.
May 20, 2021 by Aldo

Very useful guide to succeed in the BCG online case. It summarises all the informations needed so the day of test you'll know what to expect, in terms of type of questions and structure of the test. Plus, Francesco is very kind and helpful.

3 users found this review helpful.
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