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Case Prompt

Problem definition: Our client is Korean Car Parts (KCP), a multi-national original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of car parts based in Korea. They've recently seen a decline in profits and have brought us in to understand how to address this falling profitability.


To get a deep-dive explanation of the case leadership behind this case, please read this article:  Candidate-Led Cases: What to Expect With Example Cases

This case is part one of a series. The goal of this series is to demonstrate how an identical case prompt (and corresponding framework) could lead to multiple different outcomes. The goal is to train you to adjust to case information in an agile and adaptable way.

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I. Geographic/Market Analysis

II: Parts Analysis - Part 1

II: Parts Analysis - Part 2

III. Solution

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Further Questions

Question: Why do you think our client decided to get involved in the US market in the first place, given today's just-in-time supply chains?

Question: Are there any other markets you would recommend our client expand into? Why?

Question: Do you have any suggestions as to how our client can increase their delivery speed in their local markets?

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