McKinsey Solve Game Simulation Package

Play for Real the Ecosystem Game (Coral Reef & Mountain Ridge)
Play for Real the Redrock Game (All 4 Phases Included)
Receive for FREE the Imbellus Solve Combo and McKinsey Imbellus Game Secrets Guide
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McKinsey Solve Game Simulation Package
  • Imbellus Solve Combo: Guide + Videos
  • McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets
  • McKinsey Solve Game Simulation Package
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Receive three free bonuses with your purchase – for a limited time only!

Buy now the McKinsey Solve Game Simulation Package and get for free: 

  • The McKinsey Imbellus Solve Combo (worth $99) – Watch in 23 videos how to crack every game of the test
  • The McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets Guide (worth $59) – Learn everything you need to know with the most complete Imbellus pdf guide on the market
  • The Automated McKinsey Excel Solver (worth $29) –  Gain access to the new Excel to create your chain without having to use any other software

Get the Combo and Imbellus guide and benefit from the Excel Solver for free, before the price goes up.

How to get your FREE McKinsey Excel Solver (worth $29):

Go to page 91 of the McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets Guide and click on the link – you will get access to the Excel Solver immediately.


What if you could play the Solve game for real…before taking the test?

  • Have you watched the videos of the game but are still not sure how to play it?
  • Have you read multiple articles but still don't feel ready?
  • Would you like to play the McKinsey games in advance?


Are you looking for a simulation that:

  • Lets you practice both the Ecosystem and Redrock games?
  • Explains step-by-step how to crack all the games (and not just the popular ones)?
  • Answers all your questions and breaks down all the myths and misconceptions about the Test?


After coaching hundreds of McKinsey candidates, Francesco developed for you a complete simulation to play every game of the current version of the McKinsey PSG.


You will be able to play the actual games in advance, unlike other candidates, who will only realize how to do so on the day of the interview.


Unlike other guides, this simulation package includes:

  1. Complete simulations to play for both the Ecosystem and Redrock games
  2. 23 videos with 2h30m of content on the Ecosystem, Redrock and Plant Defense games
  3. 152-page pdf guide, including every game ever use during the test


This package works for every single office that has the test. Whether you haven’t read anything about the McKinsey game or have already purchased multiple guides, you are sure to find value in the McKinsey Solve Game Simulation Package.


The McKinsey Game Simulations will:

  • Provide a full simulation to play for the Ecosystem game, including both the Mountain Ridge and Coral Reefs options, with three scenarios and unlimited usage
  • Offer a full simulation to play for the Redrock game, including all 4 Phases of the game: Investigation, Analysis, Report, Cases
  • Include 3 videos (~1h of content) with live examples of how to solve the Ecosystem game in less than 25 minutes
  • Show the #1 trap in the choice of Producers and how to avoid it
  • Explain the best approach to skip chains that don’t have solutions
  • Present a complete answer key for each part of the simulations


The Imbellus Solve Combo will:

  • Offer you a video simulation of the Ecosystem Management, Redrock Study and Plant Defense games
  • Explain the exact steps to start building the chain during the untimed tutorial that 99% of the candidates miss
  • Show you how to crack the Ecosystem game in 70% of the time required
  • Include a complete tutorial on the new Automated Excel showing how to complete the Ecosystem Chain in 13 minutes
  • NEWPresent all the 4 Phases of the Redrock Study
  • NEWExplain how to get all the Redrock information in just 4 minutes
  • NEWShow examples of 10 cases asked in the new final section of the Redrock Study
  • Provide a real simulation of 2 different maps of the Plant Defense game
  • Explain in detail the 4 types of defenders and 3 types of barriers that you can use in the Plant Defense Game
  • Reveal how to resist for 25+ turns in the Plant Defense game instead of the recommended 15
  • Help you replicate at home the Ecosystem Management and Plant Defense scenarios, before the actual game
  • Provide 2 hours and 41 minutes of content with 23 videos
  • Offer you access to all future video content for free, even when the price will go up


Plus, the McKinsey Solve Imbellus Game Secrets 152-page guide will:

  • Show the perfect strategy for each of the 6 Game Scenarios
  • Explain every single part of the Game with ad-hoc pictures
  • Detail the exact steps to improve in the 5 Skills tested in the game
  • Provide insider information from previous applicants who succeeded in the game
  • Reveal the must-know answers to the most common questions on the Imbellus
  • Disclose the exact probability of each Game Scenario
  • Offer you an automated Excel to create the Food Chain in the Ecosystem game  with a detailed tutorial
  • Give you a proven template to build the food chain in the Ecosystem game
  • Provide you with real examples of food chains working and not working in the Ecosystem game
  • Present the rules of the game for the Ecosystem game
  • Explain the 8 steps to win the Ecosystem game
  • Show you the 7 steps to win the Plant Defense game
  • NEW: Reveal the 5 key tips to pass the Redrock Study


This Package will cover everything you need to prepare so you can be 100% confident the day of the assessment, without worrying “I should have prepared better for this”.


You won’t have to spend countless hours reading information online or guides that may be outdated and refer to the previous versions of the Game – you will find everything you need here.


You will also get all future versions of the guide – for free! If you buy the package now, you will have access to its future updates. If the game changes in the next few weeks, you will be covered.


We may change this in the future, so we recommend you buy it now to benefit from the special access!


BUY NOW the McKinsey Solve Game Simulation Package and start your journey to your McKinsey offer!


Page 1


  • Instructions
  • Ecosystem Game - Simulation
Page 2


  • Simulation #1 - Solution
  • Simulation #1 – Video Solution
  • Simulation #2 - Solution
  • Simulation #2 – Video Solution
  • Simulation #3 - Solution
  • Simulation #3 – Video Solution


Page 1


  • Instructions
  • Redrock Game - Simulation
Page 2


  • Simulation Solution - Investigation
  • Simulation Solution - Analysis
  • Simulation Solution - Report
  • Simulation Solution - Cases


Page 1


  • Video 1: Welcome [2m14s]
Page 2


  • Video 2: The Structure of the Imbellus [4m29s]
  • Video 3: Starting the Tutorial [9m16s]
  • Video 4: The Rules of the Game [11m30s]
  • Video 5: Starting the Food Chain [6m54s]
  • Video 6: Finding the Animals [8m0s]
  • Video 7: Completing the Chain [13m45s]
  • Video 8: The Automated Excel [18m49s]
Page 3


  • Video 9: Starting the Tutorial [8m6s]
  • Video 10: Terrains, Defenders, Invaders [6m22s]
  • Video 11: How to Win the Plant Defense Game [11m15s]
  • Video 12: Simulation #1 - Tutorial [5m51s]
  • Video 13: Simulation #2 - Real Map [19m19s]
  • Video 14: Plant Defense Variations [3m53s]
Page 4


  • Video 15: Redrock - Introduction [4m32s]
  • Video 16: The 4 Phases of the Game [3m37s]
  • Video 17: Research Phase – Key Components [3m28s]
  • Video 18: Research Phase – Info to Collect  [6m18s]
  • Video 19: The Analysis Phase [5m06s]
  • Video 20: The Report Phase  [2m40s]
  • Video 21: The 10 Cases [3m40s]
  • Video 22: Final Tips [2m04s]
Page 5


  • Video 23: Conclusion [1m54s]


Page 2-5


  • A New Way to Assess Candidates
Page 6-11

Overview of the Imbellus Test

  • What is the Imbellus Test
  • The Last Version of the Game – the Real Scenarios Tested
  • The Skills Tested – Overview
Page 12-15

The Origin of the Test

  • How the Test Was Born
  • Why McKinsey Moved Away From the PST
  • The Evolutions of the Game
Page 16-35

The Game Scenarios

  • The Game Today – The Current Structure
  • Game 1: Ecosystem Management Detailed Overview
  • Game 2: Redrock Study Detailed Overview
  • Game 3: Plant Defense Detailed Overview
  • Game 4: Disaster Management Detailed Overview
  • Game 5: Disease Management Detailed Overview
  • Game 6: Migration Management Detailed Overview
Page 36-39

The Skills Tested

  • The Skills Tested – Definition
  • The Skills Tested – Example of Questions Asked
  • The Top Skill to Master
Page 40-60

Hacking the Scenarios

  • Ecosystem Management: How to Win the Game
  • Plant Defense: How to Win the Game
  • Disaster Management: How to Win the Game
  • Disease Management: How to Win the Game
  • Migration Management: How to Win the Game
Page 61-75

Mastering the Skills

  • Mastering the Skills – What You Should Practice
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 1
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 2
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 3
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 4
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 5
  • Mastering Individual Skills
Page 76-78

Learning Tests Best Practices

  • Test Best Practices – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet
Page 79-89

FAQs, abschließende Tipps und Empfehlungen

  • Your Path to Master the Game
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hacking the Game – Final Tips from Previous Candidates
Page 90-117

Appendix 1: Excel Model Tutorial for Scenario 1

  • Step-by-Step Approach to Identify the Optimal Location and Relevant Species for the Ecosystem Management game
Page 118-121

Appendix 2: Food Chain Template for Scenario 1

  • Proven Food Chain Pyramid to Identify the Ideal Species for the Ecosystem Management game
Page 122-129

Appendix 3: Rules of the Game Scenario 1

  • List of Rules for Ecosystem Management for the Ecosystem Management game
Page 130-137

Appendix 4: Food Chain Examples for Scenario 1

  • Examples of Food Chains Working and Not Working for the Ecosystem Management game
Page 138-139

Appendix 5: The 8 Steps to Win the Ecosystem Game

  • The Specific Steps to Take to Succeed in the Ecosystem Game
Page 140-148

Appendix 6: The 7 Steps to Win the Plant Defense Game

  • The Specific Steps to Take to Succeed in the Plant Defense
Page 149-150

Appendix 7: The 5 Key Tips to Pass the Redrock Study

  • The Specific Steps to Take to Succeed in the Redrock Study

About the Author

Content Creator
#1 Coach for Sessions (4.000+) | 1.500+ 5-Star Reviews | Proven Success (➡ | Ex BCG | 10Y+ Coaching

Francesco is an interview coach, former BCG consultant and tech entrepreneur. He is the #1 coach on for meetings done, where he completed more than 3.000 expert sessions.

As a coach for consulting interviews, Francesco helped hundreds of candidates to land offers from McKinsey, BCG and Bain. Since 2016, he organizes consulting bootcamps in some of the leading universities in Europe.

As a consultant, Francesco joined BCG in the Milan office, where he worked on projects in the energy, industrial goods and consumer goods sectors. After BCG, he worked in venture capital in Germany as an angel fund associate.

As an entrepreneur, Francesco founded two companies in Europe and Asia in the entertainment and EdTech sectors. He is currently leading a Singapore-based company and supporting startups as a strategic advisor.

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January 29, 2024 by Manveer

Excellent package to cover all bases for the McKinsey PSG. There are 3 different simulations for the eco-system game and 1 (main) simulation for the red-rock game
Would be good to have 2 more red-rock simulations made in the future for more in-depth preparation.

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January 16, 2024 by Ildiyar

(2024) This simulation package is amazing. Highly relevant and a good practical addition if you have watched the tutorial videos. Really recommend it for everyone who gets invited to conduct the digital assessment. The cases were the same (with other details of course),

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