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Break Into Consulting - Frameworks I wish I knew by Alexandre
  • Created by 2 BCG consultants
  • Covers most interview cases
  • Practical tips to crack the case
  • Save tons of time on your case prep
Break Into Consulting - Industry Overviews by Alexandre
  • Created by 2 BCG consultants
  • 15+ industries covered
  • Practical tips to master any industry
  • Save tons of time on your case prep
Break Into Consulting - Strategy Consulting Firm's All-In-One by Alexandre
  • Created by 2 BCG consultants
  • Covers most strategy consulting firms
  • Get you to the backstage of the strategy world
  • Save tons of time on your case prep

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My Approach
  • My Approach
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  • Q&A Contributions
  • Education & Profession
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I am launching a YouTube channel to share my knowledge and passion about strategy consulting, and tips for candidates.

Please check and enjoy the content : Break Into Consulting on Youtube

My coaching approach

To bring more value as a coach, I believe each session must be truly customized for the candidate.

Thus, the first step in my approach is to have a free 15mn alignment discussion with you to precisely understand your needs, expectations and where you stand with regards to your preparation. 

During this discussion, we will agree on the content with the objective to design the ideal session for you.

The content for each session will be the following:

  • CV & Cover letter: Having a powerful CV and cover letter will help you succeed in the screening process
  • Training plan: A “preparedness” analysis to verify your objectives, your level of training, your preparation capabilities in order to define or refine the training plan based on your ambition
  • Case cracking: Case cracking will be at the core of any strategy consulting interviews. Practice makes perfect.
  • Fit: Beyond case cracking, mastering the fit does really make a difference in the process

Why Me 

  • Passion: I am passionate about teaching, and started to teach more than 10 years ago, first as a mathematical teacher, then as a finance assistant professor in my business school. I am now pursuing this passion in the consulting world.
  • Track record: I have helped to prepare and interviewed more than 70 candidates within BCG and outside BCG in a consulting preparation school – with 90% acceptance rate in the Top 6 (MBB, OW, RB, K)
  • Recency: I am actually working at BCG and I am involved on a daily basis in the interview process - and thus I can provide you with the latest insights within the consulting world


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