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Case Interview Basics Case Cracking Structure Your Thoughts

Structure Your Thoughts

Issue Tree

The Issue Tree Framework can be used to break down the problems of a case to its components and significantly increase your speed during case interviews.

MECE Principle

The MECE Principle is a way of segmenting data into sub-elements that are mutually exclusive & collectively exhaustive. Learn how to apply it here!

Pyramid Principle

You can use the pyramid principle to present more effectively and convincingly in a case interview. You can find out exactly how to do this here.

Porter's Five Forces

Learn how to conduct Porter’s Five Forces analysis to assess a market or an industry in your case interview. Get insights from the biggest consulting firms.

4C Framework

Get an overview over a company’s customer, competition, cost and capabilities by conducting a 4C Framework in your case interview while applying for a job!

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4P Framework

Use the 4P Framework in your consulting Case Interview to define the right product with the right price at the right place with the most effective promotion.

2x2 Matrices and the BCG Matrix

Learn how to use the Ansoff Matrix and the BCG Matrix to convey a company's information in a more structured way and break it down better.

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The Stacey Matrix

The Stacey Matrix is a tool for determining the complexity of a project in a case interview. It serves as a decision-making tool that you can easily apply.

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Influence Model

The Influence Model by McKinsey emerged in the early 2000s and is the result of practical experience of the consultants at McKinsey & Company.


A highly coveted model for change management, it underscores the reality that changes can only prosper when employees actively engage in them.

McKinsey Growth Pyramid

Structured framework for sustainable corporate development, including market penetration, product development, market development and diversification.

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