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Case Interview Basics Case Cracking Identify Your Case Type

Identify Your Case Type

Market Sizing

Learn more about Market Sizing Questions and how to approach them in Case Interviews. The Case Interview Basics at PrepLounge offer you everything you need!

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Market Entry

Market Entry may be a great solution to apply in your Case Interview if your client is searching for growth alternatives. Learn how to work a Market Entry Case

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Profitability Cases

Learn how to solve profitability cases in consulting case interviews. Use the profitability framwork, benefit from tips, and check out our case examples.

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Growth Strategy

Learn everything about the Growth Strategies for your case interview while applying for a job in consulting or in a big accounting firm.

M&A Cases

M&A is often the answer to broader problems presented in your case studies. Learn the key areas to analyze: assets, target, industry, and feasibility!

Competitive Response

You have to analyze how your customer should react to the strategy of a major competitor? Learn everything about competitive response cases now.

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Pricing case studies can either stand alone or be a part of another case study. Learn how to crack your case in three steps.


In case studies, you can for example use the discounted cash flow method to solve valuation cases. You can find modified solution approaches here.


Brainteaser are used to assess your ability to think quickly and out-of-the-box in job and case interviews. Prepare to solve them now.

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