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Useful Business Analysis Tools

Pareto Principle

Learn how to use the Pareto Principle to prioritize issues in cases and sort out areas where the highest impact is created when applying it to a case.

ABC Analysis

You want to convince the interviewer of your skills? Differentiate between important and irrelevant things by leveraging the ABC analysis.

7S-Framework of McKinsey

Discover what McKinsey's 7S framework is and how it helps companies maximize their strengths and identify weaknesses while focusing on 7 internal elements.

The Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

Discover the CMM framework and its extension to the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), focuses on improving processes within an organization.

Break-Even Analysis

A break-even analysis helps determine the number of units of product that must be sold for a company to be profitable. Learn more...

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Use cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the attractiveness of an investment. Learn how and when to use them in a case interview while applying for a job.

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Benchmarking can be very useful for a case interview. You can benchmark internally (comparing your own plants) or externaly (comparing to competitors).

Core Competencies

Core competencies tell you something about the strengths and focus of a company and give you information about its business concept.

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SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis is extremely useful to determine what might help the firm to accomplish its objectives and what obstacles must be overcome to attain results.

The Value Chain

The Value Chain - as e.g. by Porter - is a classic framework to structure the activities of a business and add value to products by transforming resources.

The 5 Cs of Credit

The 5 Cs of Credit – Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions are an essential part in most case interviews. Find out why in this article!

Product Life Cycle

See how the concept or the product life cycle can help you in your consulting case interview and find out how to apply the framework!

The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a transformative tool for consultants, empowering them to analyze, optimize, and innovate business models. Learn how it works!

The Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard is about enhancing your ability to create value for your clients as a consultant. Learn the BSC-Basics about the BSC at PrepLounge!

The Cynefin Framework

The Cynefin Framework offers a model to make sense of different problem domains and determine approaches based on their level of complexity and uncertainty.

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Kotter Change Management Model

The 8-Step Model serves as a roadmap to guide organizations through change initiatives. Learn about each step and how it can help to transform your business.

The Competing Values Framework

The Competing Values Framework (CVF) is a robust model that helps organizations better understand, assess, and ultimately transform their cultures.

The PESTEL Analysis for Consulting

Unlock the potential of PESTEL analysis to drive success and thrive in the dynamic world of consulting.

SMART Goals in Consulting

Learn how to achieve efficiency, motivation and sustainable growth in the consulting industry with SMART goals.

Public Value Strategic Triangle

The Strategic Public Value Triangle is a conceptual framework developed by Prof. Mark H. Moore to guide public managers in creating public value.

GROW Model

Discover the secrets to Goal setting, Reality checking, Options exploring, and Way forward planning that will redefine your path to success.

Hoshin Kanri Matrix

Explore the future of strategic planning with the Hoshin Kanri Matrix, where getting to know each goal sets the stage for organizational greatness.

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