Structure your Thoughts

Issue Tree

The Issue Tree Framework can be used to break down the problems of a case to its components and significantly increase your speed during case interviews.

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MECE Principle

The MECE method is a way of segmenting data into sub-elements that are mutually exclusive & collectively exhaustive. Learn how to apply it here!

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Pyramid Principle

Use the Pyramid Principle, famously promoted by a former McKinsey consultant, to structure the synthesis in your case interviews

Porter's Five Forces

Learn how to do conduct Porter’s five forces analysis to assess a market or the industry in case interviews.

4C Framework

Get an overview over a company’s customers, competition, cost and capabilities by conducting a 4 C analysis in your case interviews

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4P Framework

Use the 4 Ps in your consulting Case Interview to define the right product for a company, with the right price at the right place with the most effective promotion

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2x2 Matrices and the BCG matrix

A two-by-two matrix is a simple and effective way of presenting information. It is very popular in consulting to provide a big picture of options that are MECE.

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