In our BootCamp we have put together everything you need to know about case interviews in various articles. Our primary goal is to equip you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and best-practice methodologies that enable you to crack any single case you can think of. In total, you can read through 50 relevant articles that are categorized in the subject areas:

  • In Interview First Aid we have gathered the most important information about the interview in general (cases, personal fit, analytical tests such as PST).
  • Within Case Cracking we provide you with concrete advice about specific case types (e.g. market sizing) and introduce priceless tools that allow you to perfectly structure your case.
  • The area Business Concepts includes proven analyses that help you solve all kind of problems. In addition, you can find a glossary about business terms that are commonly used.

These areas combined cover all nuances within a case interview so that you should master all the basics once you fully completed our BootCamp.