MBB offer with start in 12 months- can I work in the meantime?

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Anonymous A asked on Dec 12, 2018

I was very fortunate to receive an MBB offer for an international (ie non-Europe) office. The start date will be in approx. 12 months from now. I would like to stay in Europe in the meantime. Am I able to work in the meantime or will the MBB look badly on this? There don't seem to be any non-compete clauses in my contract so could I work for another consulting firm (niche boutique maybe). Is there a chance that I could have my offer rescinded?

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replied on Dec 12, 2018
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Yes you can. I was in that situation at the time, "We love you, but don't have any spot right now; can you wait a year? Please let us know if anything in your situation changes"

-> You can definitely work elsewhere in the mean time

-> Offer is verbal but I have never heard of a rescision, so basically good as gold

-> "situation changes" is code word for "if one of our top competitors makes you an offer". Note: There are only 2 competitors (Bain & Mck in my case since I got a verbal from BCG, Tier2 companies are not what these guys have in mind)

Congrats on the offer. I know the wait will be painful, just hang in there

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replied on Dec 13, 2018
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Of course, you can. The company does not expect you living in the street for a year.


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Anonymous B replied on Dec 12, 2018

I´m actually in your shoes right now. Got the offer a few months ago and still working at my current company. I frankly didn´t even ask myself the question if I can work, what else are you supposed to do, sit at home and wait for one year? Even if you are working for a competitor even in the same country, I don't see a problem with it and neither would MBB.

Btw, congratulations!

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Anonymous replied on Dec 14, 2018

You can definitely work! In fact, your firm will probably like it since it gives you more valuable experience! Bain actually let one of my former colleagues delay their start date by over a year as he had secured a highly competitive 1 year placement at Apple - Bain saw this as very valuable to his skillset and was happy to allow it as long as he signed to come to Bain after - he's now a top performer

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Anonymous C replied on Dec 12, 2018

Can I ask why the start is in 12 months? Was this your choice due to university or the MBB's due to staffing needs?

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Guennael gave the best answer


Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews
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