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If I passed the first round at BCG, does that mean that both interviewers from first round are giving a 'yes' for me?

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Recent activity on Mar 06, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Mar 05, 2019

Hey people,

I had my final round at BCG today, however, I will only know the final decision next Monday (6 days from now).

I am wondering does passing the first round mean that both first round interviewers will give a 'yes' for me getting an offer?

I was told that in order to get an offer, you need to get a 'yes' from 4 out of your 5 interviewers, so that's why I'm asking, trying to figure out my odds.

Thank you and best regards!

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Best answer
replied on Mar 05, 2019
McKinsey Senior EM & BCG Consultant | Interviewer at McK & BCG for 7 years | Coached 350+ candidates secure MBB offers


At MBB, the offer decision does only depend on the verdict of final round interviewers!

That being said, their judgement might of course be coloured by notes which first round interviewers might have left regarding the candidate to highlight areas which should be pressure tested by final round interviewers (not very commen, but it happens).

Good luck!


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replied on Mar 06, 2019
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

tl;dr: No!

My first interviewer didn't want me to move one; luckily for me, he was a 2nd year consultant; My second interviewer loved me, and she was more senior so her word carried the day and I went to 2nd round. Rest is history, I am now a BCGer for life.

Having said that, I second Sidi & Vlad also: once you get an interview, your resume and background don't matter anymore; once you go to 2nd round, your 1st round performance doesn't matter anymore

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replied on Mar 05, 2019
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


Not necessarily. It might be the case that one of the candidates felt strongly about you and the other one was slightly against. Agree with Sidi here - it doesn't matter at all. Only your performance at the final round matters


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Anonymous A replied on Mar 06, 2019

That's great, thank you guys for your inputs! Much appreciated :)

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Sidi gave the best answer


McKinsey Senior EM & BCG Consultant | Interviewer at McK & BCG for 7 years | Coached 350+ candidates secure MBB offers
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