Did the introduction of online tests for MBB made the CV screening process less strict?

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Anonymous A asked on Feb 28, 2021

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Hi there,

Interesting question. I don’t think anyone has a number-based answer on this.

However, I would expect online tests and additional future automation in the recruiting funnel may remove some constraints in terms of the number of candidates to invite for tests.

While before MBB could invite a fixed number of people as tests were performed in the office, that constraint is not present anymore now with online tests.

This doesn’t really change how you should approach the application process. Your best bet is still to work hard on 3 things:

  • Landing a referral
  • Have a great CV
  • Have a great Cover (not always required for all offices and companies)

You can find more on referrals at the link below:



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Hi there,

Interesting question, an I genuinely don't have an answer.

That said, the way the online tests work, is they were implemented for 6-12 months without impact on interview invite decisions. Results of those tests were compared directly to candidate outcomes in interviews, and analytics were used to determine what characteristcs best indicate success.

So, CV screening has become more precise/accurate.

More or less strict? Depends on whether you're in their range of acceptance criteria or not :) As in...all things equal the same # of candidates get offered invites...whether you're in the same grouping then affects whether you view the screening as more or less strict :)

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Interesting question, but two observations:

  1. It´s almost impossible to know, since only HR would have the funnels form before and after
  2. I woul try not to focus too much on this, since at the end, is not something you can action what so ever. All you can do is focus on your own performance, regardless of everything else

Hope it helps!



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This is a hugely subjective question... I personally wouldn't say that the CV screening process has become less strict but the pre-interview selection has become more accessible and expansive

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We can not have this information but I don't think that's the case. Online tests have always been a step of the process and the fact that lately they have become more complex does not mean that MBB will be less demanding than before.


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Hi there,

It's an interesting assumption, but I wouldn't agree with that. The bar for CV screening is still very high.

Cheers, GB

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