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I was a final round interviewer at McKinsey London for two years (and 5 years a first round interviewer) where I spent long hours in Decision Meetings making the final selection on whether to extend an offer to a candidate or not. During my time at McKinsey, in total, I conducted more than 200 interviews ranging from BA/summer BA, MBA/advanced professional degree and experienced hire candidates.

There are many ways to successfully nail a case. Interviewers are looking for personality (someone whom they would want on their own project) and creativity behind how to structure, compute and communicate your findings. Beyond the case, interviewers are looking for compelling stories that are translatable to challenges that you will face and need to resolve as a consultant - details matter! 

My focus will be to help you become the best version of yourself (it also makes it much more fun for the interviewer who often times has been using the same case all day, week or even year!).  

As an experienced interviewer and case coach, I will give you detailed feedback on how to improve to make sure you are able to crack ANY case and tell powerful personal experience stories that will impress ANY interviewer.


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