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BCG Düsseldorf

New answer on Sep 03, 2020
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Vinamra asked on Apr 02, 2016

Does anyone here have experience with interviewing at BCG Düsseldorf or BCG in general? Would appreciate advice on the type of questions during the behavioral part and maybe even examples of cases that were given.

Thank you in advance!

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Anonymous updated the answer on Sep 03, 2020

Hi Vinamra!⠀

I would like to share with You some practical tips You could use to get prepared for the behavioral part of the interview.

Interviewers will ask questions targeted at the behaviors and qualifications You need to be successful in the job. Here is a plan that will help You prepare for the process and make it much more easier for You:

1. Determine and list all supposed competencies that the interviewer might be looking for.

2. Compare the competencies to your past job history or personal experiences and list examples of how you have previously demonstrated those competencies.

3. Give Your answer a structure: with a beginning, middle and end.

4. Outline some concrete examples that could show that You demonstrated the competencies in the past. Tell not only about situations with positive outcome. Interviewers might ask you as well about situations You failed to resolve and what You have learnt from them.

5. Use the STAR structure to make Your answer specific and to provide the interviewer all information needed.

S — Situation. Describe a specific situation that addresses the question.

T — Task. Describe the tasks You had to manage throughout the situation.

A — Approach. Tell about Your approach and what actions You took to address the situation.

R — Result. Describe the outcome of Your actions.

6. Practice telling Your stories, define specific situations and try to describe: what the issue was, who was involved, what You did to resolve the case and what the outcome was.⠀

These tips can significantly facilitate You to complete the interview tasks.

Hope this will help You to succede the interview.⠀




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