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As an experienced former Bain interviewer, I have designed this program specifically to help you secure your Bain offer by distilling years of interviewing experience and Bain knowledge into one program. Over 5 sessions I will ensure you that we cover all the key areas you need to excel in to succeed in a Bain interview process while tailoring my approach to your specific needs.

By buying this program you will get a preparation uniquely focused on Bain & Company from an experienced Bain interviewer and coach:

  • Bain interview style
  • Bain cases
  • Bain style FIT questions
  • Bain interview assessment framework

A typical program schedule would be as follows but can be tailored to your wishes and needs.

Session 1: Diagnostic Session

In the first session, we will run through a typical Bain first-round case and we will identify your key weaknesses and areas of improvement. On the basis of these, I will then prepare a personal preparation plan with specific homework and tasks that will help you make dramatic progress over the next sessions.

Such homework can include:

  • Math drills
  • Case structuring drills
  • Market Sizing
  • Top-down communications
  • Reading

Session 2: Case structuring

Nearly all candidates struggle with creating tailored, focused, and relevant frameworks. In this session, I will give you the skills you need to structure any business problem and allow you to impress your interviewer. Session covers:

  • Case structuring drills
  • Review 4-5 cases and work on structuring component only
  • Work on identifying key drivers of the solution
  • Work on communicating frameworks in a structured, top-down manner

Session 3: Market sizing

Market sizing is a key component of the Bain interview process and there is a high chance you will encounter it in your live interview. In this session, I will provide you with the skills you need to succeed in your market sizing interview.

  • Go through 2-3 market sizing problems
  • Work on communications of framework and maths
  • Top-down – bottom-up approach
  • Supply and demand-driven approaches

Session 4: FIT

FIT questions are becoming increasingly important as part of the consulting interview process and this also applies to Bain. In this session, we will cover how you should structure your responses and tailor the content to be attractive to the Bain culture and mindset.

  • Most common Bain FIT questions
  • What to say and not to say
  • CV review
  • Motivation questions
  • Personal impact questions
  • Curveballs

Session 5: Final Interview

In this session, we will fully simulate the real experience as if it was your first round to get you mentally ready. This session will focus on tying together all the elements of your preparation into a high-pressure situation.

  • FIT questions
  • Full high difficulty case
  • Your questions for the interviewer


By the end of the program, you will have acquired all the skills you need to succeed in a Bain interview process and can avoid the common mistakes that get people rejected. You will gain access to the best materials to assist your prep and a wider bain network of former mentees that will supercharge your chances of getting an offer.  

You will also have a good understanding of the mindset and attitude you need to bring to the table to get the offer!

I look forward to working with you and helping you in the first step of your consulting career. You can ping me with any questions via the Preplounge messenger.

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20. Juni 2020 von Akram

Axel's program is as comprehensive as it reads. This program segments out all primary components of an interview into manageable pieces which allows Axel to provide tailored feedback to best prepare you for your Bain interview. Despite the programs' name, it could easily work for any management consulting firm (Axel just happens to have worked for Bain so he has further insight into their interview process). I would highly recommend this program for anyone preparing on this site, regardless of where you are in your journey to your interview(s).

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5. Juli 2020 von Sonja

I found the ‘Get Ready for Bain’ program extremely helpful and would recommend it to everyone who has an upcoming interview with them. When I started it, I didn’t know how to structure cases and my communication was not very clear. However, since then I have made a lot of progress and addressed those weaknesses together with Axel. The first session was super useful, since I got an insight into how a real interviewer guides you through a case. Previously, I had only done a few cases with my friends, and the experience is very different if you work with someone who has been trained to give case interviews. After the interview, Axel gave me detailed actionable feedback and completely changed the way I thought about case structuring. Hence, the next session, I practiced small structuring drills to implement that feedback. The case structuring session was good, because I was able to implement what I learnt during the week and Axel gave me hints on how to ensure that my frameworks are MECE as well as communicating the structure appropriately. Afterwards he provided extensive case structuring and market sizing prep material which I went through before the next session. With that preparation I was already in a good position when we did the market sizing session, as Axel was able to fine tune my performance. Due to that, I was able to get the most out of this session. The FIT session was really good practice, especially since I was struggling with communicating my stories in a structured way. I got feedback after each question which was helpful as I was able to attempt to implement that feedback when answering the next question. Besides that, Axel helped me pick the most suitable stories for this type of interview, which made me feel more confident. The final session was excellent practice for the real interview, as it covered both case and FIT components. It was good to see how far I have come since starting the program and Axel’s feedback made me aware of the areas I still need to work on before my real interview. He also gave me suggestions regarding how to target those areas for improvement effectively. Overall, I have a really positive experience with this program and it helped me come a long way from not knowing where to start a case and not communicating clearly to only having a few areas I can work on myself before my interview.

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