Perfect framework for my consulting interview preparation

Veröffentlicht am: 17. März 2015

Overall Impression

The Prep4Success program provided the perfect framework for my consulting interview preparation. Together with the PrepLounge coaches I set up a preparation schedule that was tailored to my needs and interview appointments. This way, my skill gaps were specifically targeted in a time frame that suited my personal schedule. The P4S preparation left little surprises for the interview day, which definitely contributed to me securing a Bain offer.

Coaching Sessions

The cases in the coaching sessions always boosted my case performance through valuable insights and tailored feedback. Next to the case coaching, I also found the insights regarding the personal fit interview very useful. Both casual insights on the different consulting companies and structured information on the personal fit part of the interview, helped me understand what different consulting companies expect from applicants. Talking to coaches from a variety of consulting backgrounds (Bain, BCG) also gave me a good impression on the different company cultures and working styles.

PrepLounge community

I could apply those insights in my PrepLounge peer2peer training sessions - this way I could improve quickly.

Rating of interviewers

Fabian: 4.8/5
I totally recommend taking a interview with Fabian. Through his long term experience as a BCG consultant and interviewer, you get valuable insights into the structure of the interview including the personal and case part. Fabian is also a very good analyser of the personal performance and makes it crystal clear where your strengths and weaknesses lie as well as how you would make it to the next round. Fabian, thank you very much!

Fernando: 5/5
Extremely helpful feedback from Fernando. He's very friendly and knows his stuff cold. I've done more than 40 cases with non-consultant interviewers (friends), and never before had I gotten so many actionable insights out of a 1 hour session. Very recommended if you're serious about preparing for your cases.

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