How many people have visited the most important 100 places in the world

Victor asked on Jan 26, 2018 - 1 answer

Dear community, I had an interview where I got a case that got me completely off: there is a book called the 100 places you should visit before dying. How many people have already visited all of them? (No more information at all)

I couldn’t sort it out and since then I couldn’t either figure out anyway way to approach and solve it.. would love to hear your thoughts on this one

Thanks in advance for any help

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Anonymous A replied on Jan 27, 2018


It's an estimation problem and clearly an interesting one. The way how I will tackle will be

  1. First to understand what places are we talking about? (nature, buildings, historic)
  2. Since all 100 would fall into a similar cateogiry, I would choose any 1 and would estimate how many people visit it- annual/daily basis
  3. Understand what sort of people will likely to go to another 99 places- die hard tourist, art loves/ history enthusiast
  4. Once you get the number- could be like 20%, then you can further go that out of those 20% not everyone would time/finances for all 100 places- and the number would further drop down
  5. This number should be the final answer unless I am missing anythign else (Assumption)

I look forward to read what others have to say

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