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Anonymous A asked on Sep 09, 2018


I applied to Bain 5 weeks ago through a referral via one of the Principles in the local office. I followed back with him a 2 weeks later and he replied that the recruiters are reviewing and will get back to me. I haven't heard anything from the recruiting team in last 3 weeks. Is it normal for the screening team to take this much time? Considering that the referral is from a senior person should I contact the recruiters directly or again follow-up with the Principle? Just want to maximize my chances for an interview call (got a rejection from one of the MBB a few days back)


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Anonymous B replied on Sep 09, 2018


I can understand your frustration. This is the time for university recruiting and naturally, they (recruiters) are busy. Most probably they are benchmarking your resume with others and you may receive a decision soon.

Afaik, you're aren't increasing your chances by engaging the recruiters or the principal.

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replied on Sep 09, 2018
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Agree with Anonymous B. It doesn't bode very well, but all hope is not lost. When I applied as an experienced hire + recommendation from a senior principal (who had seen me work with his team for 4 months, all day, every day), it still took recruiting a solid month to get back to me - and I wouldn't interview before another month!

Non-campus recruiting is not the standard, so typica timingl rules do not necessarily apply. You probably won't improve your chances by asking Recruiting for a status update, but it also won't hurt. If it allows you to reduce your stress level, by all means ping them (respectfully).

Hope this helps,


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Anonymous replied on Jan 31, 2021

It might take that long, but after so long time, I would reach out again to ask for a status update.

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updated an answer on Sep 10, 2018
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I do not recommend contacting them directly. I also do not recommend being too annoying.

I know the cases when it took 1.5 of months to respond even via the referral. Also, the Principal could easily forget to make a referral and in reality did that only after your follow up.

Give them some time, and if they don't get back to you in a couple of weeks send a follow up for the second time.



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