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Applying to McKinsey a year after failing PST?

Anonymous A

I am currently applying to MBB for the second time. I initially applied a year ago, completely on a whim and knowing little about consulting in general. I was immediately invited to take the PST (with three days' notice) and failed it. I have an excellent record & CV, and spent the following year talking to consultants & working on consolidating my interview and maths skills (in addition to my day job).

How much do you think this will be an issue when re-applying?

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Francesco replied on 07/18/2018
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Hi Anonymous,

standard ban in MBB is 2 years, but sometimes the period may be modified as 1 year or 6 months – as Vlad said, I would clarify that with HR. If you are flexible in terms of location, so far that you have to wait 2 years, an alternative to be considered earlier would be to apply in a different country with a referral.



Vlad replied on 07/17/2018
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It depends on what was your ban. It could be either one or two years. I recommend checking with an HR since the ban is different by country, role, etc.


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