I can't see a better tool to use than Preplounge

Veröffentlicht am: 20. Mai 2015

Last year (2012) I got interviews with two Firms (BCG and Bain) and bombed them because despite being well prepared in the theoretical aspects (I have used Case in Point, casebooks from Top10 universities and articles about specific subjects in a variety of sites) I hadn't practice enough real cases with partners.

However, 3 months ago, as I had never applied for McKinsey, I decided focus in this firm and for 1 month I used all spare time I had practicing cases on Preplounge. The theoretical knowledge I had obtained last year plus the experience practicing cases on Preplounge gave me enough knowledge and confidence to succeed in all McKinsey interviews I did.

I would say that the candidate does not need to understand a lot of business concepts in depth to succeed, but understanding this concepts will enrich your speech and make you more confident about what you are saying, so I would recommend doing this, at least for the most frequent concepts in business cases. Nevertheless, since it won't give you an offer in my opinion, the candidate needs to put the most effort in the next step, the practical business cases sessions, and at this point I can't see a better tool to use than Preplounge. It will definitely provide you with the inner skills that the candidate needs to succeed in case interviews.