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Anonym A fragte am 18. Mai 2023

Hello everyone, 


I really cant seem to find any information on what to expect in a first round case interview at EY Parthenon. 

Are the cases based on the interviewer's industry, are the cases written?, are the cases math intensive? are the case structured in the same way as MBB? 

What should I ensure I heavily focus on?

If anyone would have any information it would be really useful :) 


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antwortete am 24. Mai 2023
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Hi there, 

You can expect cases like anywhere else. You can leverage the library on Preplounge for some examples. 

It would also make sense to have a conversation with HR and ask them this question. The interview format shouldn't be a surprise for you, but only the content. 



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antwortete am 18. Mai 2023
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Expect anything.

Please stop playing the game of trying to anticipate the cases. You can't.

If you try, you ar emuch more likely to fail.

I know this isn't the answer want. But it's the truth.

Go in expecting healthcare? You'll get electric scooter ride sharing.

Go in expecting no charts? You'll get 10.

Please, just train yourself in being flexible and adaptable.

I have a list of all the questions asked to my candidates in their interviews. Feel free to reach out for it.

(By the way, what will you discover? There is no pattern).

Here's some reading to help you for your next interview:




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antwortete am 19. Mai 2023
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It's best to prepare broadly using all kinds of cases to make sure you are ready for anything you get on the day. Interviewers don't always set cases based on their industries. Regarding written vs interview case, you should be informed of that before your interview, or you can ask HR. You should expect some quantitative questions in each case. And EYP cases are similar to MBB, so you should feel free to use MBB prep material too. So, don't focus too much on one specific type of case - make sure you are well-prepared across the board. Best of luck!

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Anonym antwortete am 19. Mai 2023

Dear candidate,


Focus on overall case prep, network ahead of time, cases can vary in content, important is you can conclude, structure, create answers, show a high level of professional experience. EY is big and based on this you might find out more what the overall focus might be.Happy to help

 Best regards, Pope

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antwortete am 19. Mai 2023
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It depends on the team and market. From my experience it's good to expect at least a medium-level difficulty case study question during the first round for EY Parthenon. Likely it's a balance between the ability to structure but they may also be looking for basic familiarity with the industries they are currently strong in. If you have any existing contacts within the organization, it wouldn't hurt to get a sense of which industries are critical recently and read up to have basic understanding so you can relate better to the interviewer

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antwortete am 22. Mai 2023
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It depends :)

If you are interviewing for a Transaction Strategy Execution role, you may not have a case, but more a scenario based interview for a specific functional expertise requirement.

If it is a corporate growth, then you should assume a “typical” strategy case interview, with maybe a higher chance of a market sizing component (which is something you get at any company at least once during the recruitment process, anyway).

Please notice that at EY-P, recruitment process is not global, meaning that you have variations across offices.

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EC antwortete am 9. Juni 2023

Did you complete round 1 yet? How was it?

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