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Caribbean Island – MBB Final Round

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A wealthy client has recently bought an island in the Caribbean. She has engaged us to identify possible uses for her new island.

Sample Structure

I. Background

II. Question 1

Our client is interested in building a luxury villas resort. What is the maximum number of villas to build on the island if every villa must have direct access to the sea?

III. Question 2

Is this a worthwhile investment?

IV. Question 3

The client is concerned about the 90% occupancy to maintain at the highest price for 6 months. What is the breakeven occupancy required?

V. Question 4

Can you please provide the client with a recommendation?

Weitere Fragen

  1. Can you estimate the impact of additional revenues on NPV? Please consider also the additional investment costs.
  2. What are the KPIs you would use to recommend or not the investment?
  3. How would you conduct a more accurate forecast of the revenues?

Please comment the case with your answers (You can click on "Ask a question" above) and I would be glad to assess them!

13,4 Tsd.
mal gelöst
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