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CAI - Crack All the Interviews von Antonello
  • Market sizing: top3 approaches
  • Business case: top3 frameworks
  • Fit interview secrets
  • Buche eine 30-minütige Lebenslauf-Review
  • Sende Deinen CV vorab an Antonello
  • Erhalte detailliertes Feedback und Tipps

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My approach consists of three main pillars: work with official cases really assigned by firms; deep focus on structured communication, attitude, and fit; actionable feedback based on real valuation grids, to set-up an effective prep plan. In detail: 

  1. My sessions are based on 40+ official cases proposed by top-tier firms in the last 4 years, collected during my preparation for interviews, in my period in McK, and from all the candidates supported these years. What we usually find online and on most common books are "academic" cases, often far away from what interviewers use. Preparing the interview with cases really assigned is a crucial advantage.
  2. A primary component of the selection process is the fit part. Books only focus on case interview, since it is the only aspect coachable offline. However, attitude, self-confidence, and structured communication are skills even more important than pure business case resolution for the final valuation. It is a point highly stressed during my sessions, not only for the first part of the interview but also during the case resolution.
  3. At the end of the session, you will receive actionable feedback based on real valuation grids of consulting firms, collected during my period in McK. It will be a serious input on how to continue the preparation and what to focus on, setting up together a structured plan for the remaining time before the interviews.


In the case of 360° packages, we set up an all-round coaching plan, which covers all the steps of the interview process and the most likely case types:

  • CV & cover letter preparation, supported by the best applications I have seen these years.
  • Personal-story sharpening, to create an impactful impression in the first part of the interview.
  • Actionable frameworks to crack both market sizing, interviewer led and candidate led cases. We will cover different types of industries (banking, pharma, consumer goods, ...) and cases (M&A, P&L, ...) to become more familiar with main concepts, trends, numbers, and non-elementary conclusions.

For these packages, I have every month 3 coupons with discounts of 100€, 300€, and 500€. Text me to have more details or to set up the perfect plan for you.

Specific sessions available focused on the McK Imbellus test, BCG chatbot test (Casey), Bain SOVA, quantitative tests (SHL, GMAT, ...), written cases, and presentation interviews. Feel free to text me for more details.

Antonellos Coaching-Paket
CAI - Crack All the Interviews von Antonello
Beinhaltet 5 Sessions
Market sizing: top3 approaches
Business case: top3 frameworks
Fit interview secrets

After having coached 200+ candidates during the last 4 years, I developed the CAI program, which covers in 5 mock interviews the main aspects of the process, to significantly boost your performance. In particular, the Crack-All-the-Interviews package has this month 30+% saving and includes:

  • Session 1: mock interview – profitability case. Qualitative&quantitative case on the most common framework. [Standard pricing for externals: 249€]
  • Session 2: mock interview – market entry case. Qualitative&quantitative case with a dedicated framework to structure market entry problems. [Standard pricing for externals: 249€]
  • Session 3: mock interview – market sizing. Complex market sizing case + discussion about the top-3 approach to crack the most of them. [Standard pricing for externals: 249€]
  • Session 4: mock interview – M&A case. Qualitative&quantitative case + useful framework to cover all the aspects of M&A cases. [Standard pricing for externals: 249€]
  • Session 5: fit + mock interview to be chosen based on your needs and performances – PEI/market sizing/unconventional case. In the 1st part of the session, we are going to crack the 3 most important fit questions. We can then dedicate the second part to the PEI, by sharpening your impactful stories with a specific framework, to a market sizing, or to a business case (e.g. an investment case). [Standard pricing for externals: 249€]
  • The top-performer toolkit: the 30 most common fit questions + 10 market sizing + 15 great cases to strengthen the frameworks by practicing with your case partners + 3 proprietary frameworks. [Standard pricing for externals: 399€]

Feel free to text me to have additional details or to set up the perfect plan for you.

I have also two advanced packages, with dedicated monthly discounts (reach me for further info):
CAI pro: 10 sessions to really master all the interviews;
- CAI top performer: 15 sessions to achieve the 95th percentile of candidates (2 slots per month).

Specific sessions available focused on the McK Imbellus test, BCG chatbot test (Casey), Bain SOVA, quantitative tests (SHL, GMAT, ...), written cases, and presentation interviews. Feel free to text me for more information.

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9. April 2020 von Kevin

Antonello is a great mentor. I’d greatly recommend him if you’re looking on improving your problem structuring, top-down communication skills and creating your own unique but efficient way of solving problems. His advice has helped me a lot during my preparations!

9 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
9. April 2020 von Anonym

Simply outstanding! It's only thanks to Antonello if I got my dream offer in BCG. Three major aspects of the program have made me a top-performer: 1. Super-detailed feedback, based on what really engages interviewers: top-down communication, consulting-like confidence, 80-20 prioritization; 2. A systematic approach to crack all the market sizings, without losing creativity; 3. Insights and material boost: in just a few sessions I had access to best-in-class frameworks, cases and brilliant candidates to practice with. I will never stop to thank you Antonello!

8 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
24. Februar 2021 von Donatella

I strongly recommend Antonello to anyone who is serious about getting offers. My confidence and fluency in leading cases has been tremendously boosted in just few sessions.
- Thanks to his 3 advanced approaches I am now solving any new market sizing I am assessed with. Nothing similar to the standard tools of libraries/books/... Brilliant.
- Thanks to his dedicated frameworks (much deeper and creative than any book or video) and extensive feedback (based on real valuation grids), I am now proficient in cracking most of the business cases I work with.
- Thanks to his deep experience in behavioral interview, I finally crafted impacful stories that really leverage my working and academic experiences. I have received precious insight also for the motivational part, not only based on the content, but also on advanced tonality and body language.
Impressive. Grazie mille!

7 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

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