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WebEx Interviews Vs F2F

Anonymous A asked on Sep 10, 2019 - 2 answers

I'm through to the second round of my partner interviews. I have been pushing for F2F interviews at this stage with no luck so far.

I've don't 1/2 of senior partner interview and that was snuck in as a video conference even after my stated preference. HR lady tried to do that to the second partner interview even after promising me a F2F which I turned down amongst other reasons(she gave me 4hrs heads up). Reason for insistence on F2F is I've been told that chances are better to go through compared to via video only, which is what I've done to date. Based in Singapore for Singapore office.

1st week of July was my first interview and she gave me without asking for a month in between round 1&2 to prep for round 2. My mind has started to wander amongst these thoughts:

a) do they even want me? Am I some sort of backup of others don't go through?

b) should I insist on F2F after this week or just cave. I seem to have done ok so far. But would I regret not doing a F2F if I didn't get an offer.

c) have people been accepted just going through the whole process online? % Vs F2F?

Moving on, what's my strategy?

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replied on Sep 10, 2019
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Hi Anonym,

normaly, consulting firms recruit on a continuous basis. There are no backup candidates for other candidates. If you hadn't convinced, you wouldn't have been invited again.

If it is the company's process to hold such meetings online, I wouldn't mind. Everything went well in the first round in this way.

Best regards

replied on Sep 10, 2019
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I actually don't think you are the "second choice" here.

Based on what you wrote, it only seems to me that the HR person is really destructured.

Either that or the fact that Singapore Partners are always abroad and their agenda always changes, thus it is easier to squeeze you in a last-minute session or in an online interview.

I wouldn't press too much on the F2F interview, actually. If you are good, you are good either F2F or online. Same as if you are bad.

I agree that human contact is important, but you are not trying to network here, it's only a few fit questions and a case, thus I don't think it makes so much difference doing in person or online.

I would only focus on being great during the interview, regardless of the "location". :)

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