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Reapplying to MBB

Recent activity on Oct 20, 2018
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Shuhao asked on Oct 19, 2018
Preparing for MBB interviews; experience in pwc

I have just finished my interviews with both BCG and McKinsey for full time but didn't pass the first round unfortunately. I have also interviewed for McKinsey internship the year before.

I am taking my time to do another internship and a one-year master program for the year. I am still very interested in the consulting industry, especially the MBB. I am also aware that reapplying for the same position might be a bit challenging and will shrink the chance. I am wondering what I can do in order to interview again for both firms.


Jackson Fan

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updated an answer on Oct 20, 2018
2+ years of consulting in Dubai - Harvard grad - here to help you achieve your goals

Hi Shuhao,

Best of luck with your internship and one-year master programm. I think this is a great first-step in terms of showing your profile has changed since before, not to mention doing this for the value it will bring you personally.

At the end of the day, as people have mentioned here before, what will really matter and what firms really care about is how your profile has changed since you've last interviewed, However, I think it is extremely valuable and wortwhile to network as well to present your point of view and your story with some peope at the firm to ensure that they are fully aware of how your profile has changed. A lot of times application reviewers might see your resume but not necessarily understand or clearly see what has changed, and this is way some networking and phone calls may help,

Just very recently, a friend of mine was interviewing with MBB and had previously interviewed with both about a year ago. While he did a lot in between (worked with a startup and a smaller consulting firm), I advised him to also go out of his way and network with some individuals inside both companies to ensure that these changes are visible and well-understood to those reviewing his application.

I hope this helps and do let me know if there is anything else I can do.

Wishing you the best of luck,



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Shuhao on Oct 20, 2018

Thank you very much and that is tremendously helpful.

replied on Oct 20, 2018
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


You need to add something to your profile. There might be many factors that might have influenced the decision when you were a graduate:

  1. University brand
  2. Internships you had before
  3. The office you are applying to (Competition, Languages, work permit, etc)
  4. Extracurricular activities:
  • Launching your own venture and entrepreneurial activities (even failing them is fine)
  • Grants / scholarships - even better if related to some research or entrepreneurial projects
  • Projects for companies - you may consider doing a free project for the company or a startup or writing a case that future grads will use
  • Volunteer / social activities. I would aim at the activities where you can have a leadership role. Organizing some club may work as well.
  • Case Competitions-especially the ones organized by your target company
  • Researches / articles published in well-known sources

Now, as far as I understand you still don't have that much of work experience so you will be assessed both by your graduate activities and by your career moves so far:

  • Brand of the company
  • Career growth and achievements
  • Postgraduate extracurricular activities

It is hard to asses in detail without seeing your resume.


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Shuhao on Oct 20, 2018

Hi Vlad, thank you so much for the reply. I think going to grad school is definitely one of the changes that can show up on my resume. Additionally, I will find a good internship for the summer and add that to my credential as well. I would love to invite you to view my resume, please let me know how I can get in contact with you! Thanks

updated an answer on Oct 19, 2018
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

Shuhao, Mark, sorry to hear. This is obviously quite common, but do not despair - I was in your shoes twice, yet still found a way to get in years later as an experienced hire.

In general, MBB will not consider your profile again unless your profile has changed: do you have a new degree/expertise? a couple more years of experience?

Exceptions could be made if you are being told (in no uncertain terms) to reapply faster - but I doubt this would be the case if you were rejected after the 1st round.

You lost a battle, not the war. Please make sure you are ready for the interviews next time around though, looks like you didn't prepare as well as you could have. Opportunities to interviews are hard to come by, don't squander them...

Good luck, keep your chin up!


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Mark replied on Oct 19, 2018
Current consultant at global advisory & accounting firm; looking to jump to Big 3 or similar in London or Europe

To be honest, I am in a similar position and do not think it is a disadvantage.

If somebody re-applies with same credentials as before, this may be a disadvantage. If you did not succeed, took appropriate action in strengthening either your professional or academic credentials (or both) this should speak to your hardworking character and commitment to landing a position at an MBB firm.

If you are including a cover letter, make this case, that is what I have done.

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Ibrahim gave the best answer


2+ years of consulting in Dubai - Harvard grad - here to help you achieve your goals
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