Oliver Wyman London Junior Consultant Application - Feedback?

Oliver Wyman
New answer on Nov 10, 2019
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Anonymous A asked on Nov 08, 2019

Hi All,

For those who applied to Oliver Wyman London Office for Junior Consultant role - has anyone heard back on the decision, as the last email I received specifically mentioned we would get an email today with outcome, but I am yet to receive anything?


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Anonymous D replied on Nov 10, 2019

Theres a bit of complications with OW's system recently - they couldnt find my application in system. May be worth it to check with the Recruiting team. Best of luck! Ps. I'm not applying for the London office but could also be the case for you because its the same portal

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Content Creator
replied on Nov 09, 2019
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Yes, my trainees in London received the outcome of their application as of yesterday.



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Anonymous C replied on Nov 08, 2019

They sent out invites to first round interviews at around midday today

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Anonymous B replied on Nov 08, 2019

I've not received anything yet. I am slightly concerned that things have gone awry as after completing the psychometric test I received an email telling me to ignore the links to the psychometric test if I'd already done it. So I did!

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