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I am a former BCG consultant in Istanbul and Dubai offices, with 5+ years of consulting experience. I am currently working as a manager in one of the boutique consulting companies in London. Since my masters at the University of Cambridge, I mentored 350+ candidates with a significant number of them receiving offers from MBB and their target companies. You can check my profile or message me for references.



There are so many reasons why I could be an ideal mentor to you:

  • Personalized approach: We will spend some time before the session together, to better understand your background, your application status, your key improvement areas, and strengths. We will agree on the structure of the sessions before we start our sessions together.
  • First-hand experience: I am currently in charge of interviewing candidates for my boutique consulting company, and I was part of the recruiting team at BCG. Moreover, I interviewed with 10+ strategy consulting companies globally and received multiple job offers. I know what MBB and other companies are looking for.
  • Real life cases: We will work on cases I have created based on real-life MBB interviews as well as projects I have worked on at BCG.
  • Connections: I am very well connected with MBB, Kearney and other strategy consulting companies across the world. You would be amazed by how many candidates I have put in touch with my network, who helped prioritize their CVs during screening and shared with them insights on what it is like to work at their office.



Having mentored 350+ candidates, I have fine-tuned my approach which will help maximize your chances to get a job offer from MBB. Whether you have just started practicing now, or have some previous case study experience, my approach will help you identify and improve your weaknesses and play on your strengths.

Think like a consultant

During our sessions, we will learn how to think like a consultant. This is a lot more important than learning frameworks. Interviewers will test how you think, not how much you know standard frameworks. We will make sure that you get to the level of a top performing entry-level consultant at MBB.

Nail all cases with a minimum number of frameworks

By solving 400+ cases before getting a job offer, and mentoring 350+ candidates, I truly believe that we could address the most common types of case studies by practicing the following:

  • Market sizing (e.g. max revenue estimation for a specific product/service)
  • Profitability (e.g. price, volume, cost changes)
  • Business situations (e.g. market entry, introducing new products, responding to competition, responding to demand change, M&A)

During our sessions, I will share with you my recommended structure for each type of case. As they are very intuitive, you will not need to worry about memorizing any of them.

If you are an advanced candidate, I will be more than happy to assess how you solve these types of cases and improve your thinking aligned with my recommended approach.

It is also essential to be familiar with certain aspects (e.g. revenue streams, main products, consumer behaviour, logistics) of main sectors (e.g. banking, insurance, consumer goods, energy, TMT). I have adequate material and knowledge to guide you through this as well.

Show that you are a good fit

Some people neglect how important fit interviews are. This is the moment when you will make a first impression. Having the “consultant-ready” attitude is a must to receive offers from top consulting firms. The interviewers will be looking into understanding how ready you are to represent the company in front of a client. I have seen many times applicants fail to get an offer even though they crack the cases. 

I personally solved 40+ real-life cases (including 9 cases with BCG alone), and currently interview candidates for my boutique consulting company in London. I can give you the top tips to convey that you are ready to start working for them.

Moreover, I have connections across MBB and other strategy consulting companies around the world. To maximise your chances, we will make sure that you get insights specific to the office you are applying to. For this, I will connect you to my network.  



If you decide to work with me, I will provide you with the following:

  • 100% personalized preparation, tailored for you
  • Initial discussion to better understand your background and needs
  • Fit interview tips
  • Market sizing question
  • Full case study – difficulty/sector/topic selected based on your needs
  • Q&A session
  • Performance tracker to assess how you are improving over time
  • Connecting you with the colleagues from your target company and office
  • Casebooks and my recommended cases for your homework (FREE)
  • CV/Cover Letter materials (FREE)

I will be more than happy to be part of your journey and will make sure that we maximize our chances to get the offer you deserve! Please let me know if you have any questions.


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