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As a full-time case interview coach with over 6 years of experience on PrepLounge, I have guided over 400 candidates from various levels of seniority to secure positions at MBB and other top-tier consulting firms. Interestingly, some of the current PrepLounge coaches are my former mentees!

You won’t easily find another person working as a full-time coach with that many sessions and a track record worldwide.  In addition to 1:1 coaching sessions, I have established partnerships with top universities, where I conduct consulting interview workshops.

I encourage you to review the 100+ testimonials on my PrepLounge profile and explore my LinkedIn page or YouTube channel, where my video insights have garnered over 20K views in just the last three months.

I have 4 years of experience with BCG in Dubai and Istanbul, and 2 years with Kearney Istanbul and Kaiser Associates London, during which I interviewed numerous candidates. 

I’ve completed 20+ projects in the UK, Middle East, Italy, Turkey, Russia and India. I’ve built my expertise in private equity, consumer, retail and public sector practices, working on digital transformation, due diligence, portfolio strategy, turnaround and restructuring topics. 

Prior to that, I studied MPhil in Management at the University of Cambridge, and BSc in Economics at the University of Warwick, where I facilitated workshops and case study groups. 



My professional guidance extends well beyond the typical hour-long case practice. I offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from applications and online assessments to case and fit interview preparation. To ensure you feel fully supported throughout this challenging journey, I'll share my WhatsApp number with you so you can reach out to me 24/7. I'm breaking down below what you should expect with our preparation:


Intro call:

I provide a free 15-minute FREE consultation call, so that I can understand your needs better, and see if we would be a good fit.  We'll discuss your timelines, areas for improvement, and my proposed strategy to get you to an offer-ready level.


Session structure:

Unlike many other coaches out there, our sessions last 75 minutes (not 60 minutes!). In the first 15 minutes, we typically cover your questions related to networking, resume/cover letter, prep plan, or go over a market sizing question. In the following 60 minutes, we will cover a full case study and discuss detailed feedback. 

Our preparation typically lasts around 6 weeks, to allow for enough time to cover all 10 case topics. Having said that, depending on your interview dates, and areas of improvement (math, structuring), we will customize the structure of the sessions together.


Training documents:

This is where I truly set myself apart from other coaches. As a full-time coach, I have the opportunity to develop proprietary, industry-leading training materials designed to accelerate your preparation. As my mentee, you’ll gain access to resources that have guided hundreds of my previous trainees into MBB.

After each session, you'll receive:

  • A written version of the same case
  • A video of the same case (featuring me, my BCG colleagues, or my former trainees performing the case)

After our first session, you’ll also receive the following materials:

  • Resume, cover letter, networking videos, and templates
  • Market sizing drills (of 24 questions)
  • Exhibit drills (of 50 charts and 100 questions)
  • Structuring drills (of 50 questions)

After the second session, you’ll have access to my exclusive 40+ video course, covering:

  • Case interviews 101 (with live examples)
  • Frameworks
  • Market sizing
  • Note-taking
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Fit interviews 101 (with live examples)
  • Fit interview templates
  • Bonus materials


Final thoughts:

To maintain the quality and progress of my trainees, I consciously limit the number of individuals I coach. Therefore, if you're interested in maximizing your chances of receiving an offer with my comprehensive support, feel free to book a FREE introductory call to get started today.


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