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BCG Final Round Case - Sugar to Indonesia

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Case Prompt

Our client is an Indian sugar producer exporting solely to Indonesia. Indonesia imports 5m tons of raw sugar per year.

To make raw sugar, our client processes sugarcane at a cost of $25 per ton and they have a capacity of 1.5m tons per year. The only competitor that has lower production costs is from Thailand, and it delivers 1.7m tons per year at a cost of $20 per ton.

Our client recently found out that the Thai producer will expand its production to 2m tons, and as a consequence the market price for sugar in Indonesia may drop.

They contacted us to assess this situation.

Part 1 - Case Opening

Part 2 - Quantification of Losses

Part 3 - Brainstorming

Part 4 - Competitive Response

Part 5 - Recommendation

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