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Anonymous A asked on Jun 27, 2022

I know this question has been tackled before but I would like some insights on the topic from a different perspective.

I got 2 offers for the Associate role (post-MBA) at S& and Kearney (Dubai office) - Financially they're almost similar

Which one is the better option given that my 2/3-year goal is to move to MBB at the Engagement Manager level.

I know that it is possible in either case depending on how well I network and how big is the demand from MBB for the EM role but all else being equal, which one is perceived better by MBB in the region?

PS: Appreciate any insight from people who worked at both firms and made the transition to MBB later


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updated an answer on Jun 28, 2022
Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton | Ex-Strategy& | 3+ years in Consulting Experience in the Middle East

Hi there,

First congratulations on getting the offers!

Having worked at Strategy& middle east I am a bit biased but at the end of the day, they are definitely the bigger firm and a market leader in the middle east especially given the history the firm has. 

I would base the choice on your industry preferences for example Strategy& are the best when it comes to TMT(telecom, media, technology), energy, and public sector while Kearney is also doing quite well in the region but is more focused on the public sector and defense. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that quite a lot of Strategy& post-MBA consultants tend to move to BCG which can make it easier for you to follow a proven model.

The culture at Strategy& is more demanding but the firm has taken several initiatives to change it for the better, also it should be increasing its overall compensation soon which would make it even more attractive.

I would try to connect with other consultants that worked at Kearney or in both firms to get a good understanding of the expectations, staffing opportunities, and career progression.

Would love to discuss this further!


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replied on Jun 27, 2022
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MBB is not going to hire you just because you have certain brand/company on your CV. You probably already know this.

Its good to have a path to MBB, but what matters is that you make the right moves NOW and join the firm which is a better FIT bothways (you and the firm) in terms of:

  1. Professional & personal values
  2. Role and career aspirations
  3. Any risks

Only if you get this right can you perform well, enjoy yourself, learn & do something valuable for your clients. Worrying & planning too much for the future will make you miss what your really must focus on in the present.  So, based on the interview experience and your own research which one is a better fit for you?

Have a look at this article for more guidance-

Good luck choosing and congrats!

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replied on Jun 30, 2022
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Hi there, 

Knowing lots of people working in these firms in the region, I'd say the differences are not really relevant because they are quite small. 

I'd rather try to think which of the two firms can amplify your specific value proposition over the coming two years so you can make the transition in MBB easier. 

Also, worth remembering that it's very difficult to make the transition straight into an EM role for MBB. It's a lot easier to go in as a senior associate and get promoted in six months or so to EM, so perhaps consider that. 



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replied on Jun 29, 2022
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As others already pointed out, both are good for that purpose, and picking one or the other is not going to move the needle at all. 

Pick the one that gives you the best feeling, coz it´s important that you thrive where you go 



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replied on Jun 28, 2022
MBB | 100% personal interview success rate (8/8) and 95% candidate success rate | Personalized interview prep

Hi their,

Neither and both. At this tier, MBB is going to care a lot more about your over resume/career progression, expertise/specialty, connections/networking, etc.

Pick the firm that you think you will do best in (i.e. learn the most, enjoy the most, progress the most in, etc.). 

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Anonymous C replied on Jun 28, 2022

Kearney for public sector. culture at s& is questionable to say the least 

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Anonymous B replied on Jun 27, 2022

Tactically, it would be easier to achieve a lateral movement i.e. Move as an EM to MBB while you are already an EM at either of the two firms. That said, you should look at the two firms and try identify which one would give you that career progression

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Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton | Ex-Strategy& | 3+ years in Consulting Experience in the Middle East
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