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Please feel free to write to me to discuss one-off or 2,3,5 session packages. Or check out my coaching package-

If you are currently preparing for case interview (including written cases) for MBB/BIG4/Boutique Consultancy/Tech Firms, I have a treasure trove of knowledge and cases that cover Strategy, Operations, Human Capital, Deals/Finance & Retail suited to these firm's style. Check out my published cases or feel free to send me a message for more custom cases. 

About me

I am a leader with 15 years of experience (with 9 years in management consulting) in broad range of roles in management consulting, digital marketing, supply chain & operations and product development in the Telco, Media and Hi-Tech industry. In the most recent role, I led the UK & Ireland Supply Chain and Operations Consulting practice at Accenture, UK. 

I grew up, studied, lived and worked in 8 countries through the course of my life and now call London as home. 

I joined PrepLounge in Oct '20 and since then have helped many candidates get into various BIG 4, Boutique & MBB firms in all major offices around the world. Please feel free to read the reviews on my profile page- 

My Coaching & Career Development Experience

For 10 years I have vetted 100s of CVs, conducted 100s of skills and case interviews for a range of seniority levels across various geographies. Currently, am training MBA and final year UG students too. So, I have experienced hiring situations of all shapes and forms and have a rich experience of killer CV & cover Letters, interview questions & storytelling ideas that work across geographies.

I offer the following powerful and differentiating tools which I have finessed over the years:

  1. Help you overcome your own negative thinking-feeling loop & giving your best, for which I have learnt simple techniques that you can apply 10-15mins everyday. Trust me they work beyond your logical understanding
  2. Acing the written and candidate-led case interview using Operating Model framework & treasure trove of knowledge I have accumulated
  3. Understanding and building Trust throughout the interview process
  4. Negotiation strategies

My Approach

Flexible as per your needs :

  1. ASSESS: Your career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses; assess which part of consulting you might fit better- Strategy, Operations or Technology
  2. PREPARE: Your story and compelling & beautiful CVs, cover letters; learn how to incorporate #digital, #AI, #sustainability into your application
  3. ARM: You with the most impactful case approach & structure, tips and tricks to stand out in the consulting interview process. Get more for less!
  4. EXECUTE: Train you on simple meditative and self awareness practices for optimal performance on the day

I look forward to sharing my experience and wisdom with the aim to help you be truly joyful in the career choices you make.

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