Is mckcasebook real?

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Anonymous A asked on Nov 09, 2017

There's this website when searching for McKinsey compiled cases called and I wanted to know if someone has experience using this and if it is legitimate or not?

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Anonymous B replied on Nov 09, 2017

Nope, clearly e-book fraud.

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replied on Jan 23, 2018
Former BCG Principal and decision round interviewer

It's a collection of cases you can use to practice but they are not cases used currently by interviewers.

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Tom replied on Apr 24, 2018

@B, Andrea, anyone else,

Has anyone actually seen this book from or can confirm this is a fraud? I was considering purchasing it. I wanted to write to site administrator, what does it mean "100% money back guarantee", but the contact form on the website informed me, that it doesn't work and I should try the other way (sic!). Seems most likely like a fraud, but don't understand why B and Adrea would write that this book can be useful.

Thanks in advance

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replied on Feb 23, 2018

Hey anonymous,

This is a collection of old cases used in actual interviews. Even if they are not used anymore at McKinsey, they are really powerful as i) they give you a good sense-check of what the actual cases look like; ii) they tend to focus on the same industries and problems that the ones currently being used.



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