How to structure competitive response case prompts?

competitive response Framework
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 01, 2018

Hi all,

How do you construct a framework for a competitive response question?

Thank you very much.

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EL AZZOUZI updated an answer on Apr 02, 2018


If the question is given just like that, I would start by asking questions about what are we responding to and what is the competitive landscape (number of competitors, their concentration and their capabilities and best practices on that market).

Once I understand what am I responding to and what are my competitors doing differently and the best practices on the market, I would like to check my capabilities and what am I good at.

The last thing I would like to do is checking what does each segment of the client need.

Once I have these three important blocks, I would have three options: continue as is, retaliate, and exit the market.




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replied on Apr 01, 2018

Hey anonymous,

you might want to clarify what do you mean by competitive response or at least narrow down such scope, because that can means so many different things that I don’t see any single way of approaching all of them - the closest I can think of (assuming I’m interpreting it right) is that the company has always the option to keep as is or respond (but then it varies with context)



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