Do you have to be able to speak perfect German to work for you?

New answer on Nov 25, 2021
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Svenja asked on Nov 25, 2021

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Patricia replied on Nov 25, 2021
Senior Consultant

Good morning :)

similar to what Svenja said for Bayer, German is no requirement for working at E.ON Inhouse Consulting either. We have a lot of internationals with us, therefore we mostly speak English in the office anyway. 

However, if for any reason a projects requires German, the staffing process takes individual language skills into account. Plus, ECON offers weekly German classes for internationals - which definitly is a plus for your personal development :)


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Anna-Lena replied on Nov 25, 2021
Senior Business Consultant

Dear Svenja, 

I follow the former answers. :) It depends on the client and the project. If you have an interesting profil with experience and skills we are looking for, there will be a way to become part of the BearingPoint family without perfect german skills. Especially, if you are looking for a start at an office based in Germany, communication skills in german are definitely an advantage and just ease the start and the onboarding. 
Hope this helps! Do not hesitate to try. :) 

The best for you, 

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Pia replied on Nov 25, 2021
HR Business Partner

Hi Svenja, 

with us it's a bit different. For internships, German is not a hard requirement. For a full-time position you should be business fluent in German. We are a rather small Consulting team and are not yet so flexible when it comes to language based staffing. However, if you were to come to us with solid German skills, we also support new joiners with German language courses. 

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Jana replied on Nov 25, 2021
Senior Consultant Product Supply

Hi Svenja,

at Bayer Strategy & Business Consulting you do not need to speak German. Our official company language is English! This holds for internal but also client meetings.

Of course, if there are only German speaking colleagues in our office in Leverkusen, we do not artificially use English. However, as soon as a non-German speaker is part of a discussion, we switch languages.



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Ksenia replied on Nov 25, 2021

Hi Svenja,

I will second what some have said before - German is not required in DHL Consulting. The official business language is English as half of our employee at all levels are internationals. For example, I myself do not speak German :)

Additionally, DHL Consulting offers very good German courses (both individual and group). I myself took one and was really happy with it.

Best regards,


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Katrin replied on Nov 25, 2021
Project Manager

Hey Svenja, 

thanks for your question.

If you start with us as a young professional right after university, we do not expect you to be able to speak German fluently. However, what we do like to see, or rather what the requirement is, is that the respective person tries to learn the German language over time (e.g. by attending language courses, etc.).

Having profund German skills and be able to talk to clients in German is a huge plus when applying at TKMC although it is not a must-have. Nevertheless, if we had to choose between two candidates with similar skillsets but one has good German skills, we would decide in this person's favour


Katrin Hellenthal

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