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McKinsey 1st Round Case - Party Burger

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Case Prompt

Our client is Party Burger, a restaurant chain in the US serving premium burgers and salads for lunch. They rely on the quality of their products to attract customers, and they are usually fully booked. However, reviews have pointed out that the service offered could be improved. Our client is concerned this could impact their sustainability long term.

Part 1 - Case Opening

Q1: How would you improve the customer experience?

Part 2 - Understand the Problem

Q2: Looking at Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 3, what do you think could be the problem of our client?

Part 3 - Identify Solution

Based on what successful competitors do, our client is considering investing in an automated system to manage orders. The waiter/waitress could communicate the order directly to the kitchen, cutting down serving time by 20 minutes and reducing the mistakes to 2 per day.

Q3: How do you think these improvements may impact the financials of the restaurants?

Part 4 - Math

The upfront investment for the system would be of $8m for all the restaurants. The yearly fee to pay to the supplier would be equal to 10% of the investment.

Q4: What would the payback time for the investment be?

Part 5 - Recommendation

Q5: Can you sum up the case for our client?

Final Remarks

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