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Gender equality initiatives

AskAConsultant Women in Consulting
New answer on Mar 15, 2024
2 Answers
Anonymous A asked on Mar 08, 2024

How do you advocate for diversity and inclusion within your consulting firm, and what initiatives (besides this women week) have you been involved in to promote gender equality?

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Nancy replied on Mar 08, 2024
Senior Consultant

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your question!

At DHLC, we always try to promote the concept of encouraging more women to work in consulting. We have a series of campaign “Women in consulting” you can find more information here:  

In our daily work, we also have different initiatives that promotes DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging), where we do not only highlight gender diversity, but also other diversity. We have a DEIB champion and small team following up on this topic within DHLC by organizing different speaker series, female lunch, culture appreciation day, etc.

You will be able to know more once you join us ;)





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Nora updated an answer on Mar 15, 2024

Good morning thank you very much for your questions. 

Diversity and Inclusion is a truly important topic at ECON. Therfore, we have the D&I Iniative as well as the Women@ECON Community. 

Within the D&I initative we organize keynotes, panels, workshops a poster campaign for everyone to reflect on specific situations. Topics we cover range from microagression to gender equality. We always find topics to educate ourselves more on. 

Within  the Women @ECON Community we meet regularly for dinner to exchange or seek advice from others. Furthermore, we are working on implementing workshops. With this community we want to create a space for women only; However it is also crucial for us to include our male colleagues into the discussions and exchange. 


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