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Bain First Round results

Anonymous A asked on Aug 02, 2018 - 3 answers

I gave my second interview for Bain last Thursday (Considered 1B interview in the first round). I reached out to the recruiter yesterday (Wednesday) for an update on the results and she said they'll get back to me by the end of the week. I was just wondering if candidates are compared against each other in the first round or is one judged primarily on their skills? Because it sounded (just my guess) like they are interviewing more people this week and they are waiting to decide on whom to progress to the second round.

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Benjamin replied on Aug 02, 2018
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I can only a agree with Vlad.
I never saw a case where we compared candidates for validating next round decision. Furthermore this would be very difficult to compare candidates since they have been interviewed by different persons.


replied on Aug 02, 2018
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I actually disagree slightly with Vlad and Benjamin here.

While candidates are not initially compared against each other, during milkround hiring, there are only a certain number of people that can move from first round to second round.

Therefore, if there are 100 final round slots, and 110 candidates were "passed" by their first round interviewers, the recruiting team has to decide which 100 candidates they will actually put through - which inevitably involves some comparison between candidates.

This process is different for off-cycle hiring (which most offices do year-round) as the process is less formalised. Based on the time of year you are asking this question, I assume you are applying off-cycle, so Vlad and Ben are probably right.

updated his answer on Aug 02, 2018
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The candidates are not compared against each other and the interviewers just need some time to meet / have a call to discuss your candidacy.

Just wait for some time and keep fingers crossed!



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