PwC Consulting vs. Strategy& - What's the difference?

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Is it worth moving from PwC consulting to Strategy&?

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In general, Strategy& is closer to MBB in the US than PWC:

  1. Salaries - Strategy& will have the salary comparable to MBB companies rather than Tier 2 (At least on pre-partner levels)
  2. Career progression may be faster at Strategy&
  3. Projects - more strategic projects, but not limited to them


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Here are my thoughts on how these both differ:

1) Market positioning: S& positions themselves as a pure management consulting firm and compete with MBB based on price, scope of work, etc. PwC, on the other hand, offer much more broader services e.g. implementation support along with consulting work

2) Scope of work: S& = Strategy typically. PwC = Can include many other forms of consulting e.g. Risk Consulting, HR Consulting, IT consulting etc

3) Salary: Because S& charges their clients higher fees than PwC, they also pay higher salaries than PwC. S& salaries in some regions (like the middle east) are also higher than that of MBB

4) Brand: PwC is typically seen as a Financial Services company that does Audit, Tax and some Consulting services. Strategy& is clearly seen as a MC firm, but its brand name might be stronger in some parts of the world than other.

All the best!


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