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Hello, I applied to McK as an intern and got rejected in first round interviews. If I applied within the ban period to a BA role, does the ban restart from the new application or keep the first ban?

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Hi there,

What's the time period here?

Remember, Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Make sure you have improved your resume, networked, and fixed the issues with your first round.

Generally, if you recruit via channel x for role x, but then your situation changes (like graduation) you can then recruit via channel y for role y, even within the ban period.

Good luck on your 2nd attempt!

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my personal suggestion is to take the time to prepare well for the next attempt.

There's nothing wrong with being rejected, and more importantly, that doesn't mean you won't work at McKinsey.

 It's simply not time yet. 

Use the time you have in front of you to strengthen your performance in case resolution as well as develop a compelling story about yourself and why you would be a good fit with the company.

In addition, pursuing an alternative work experience (potentially in consulting) ad interim will enrich you and contribute to your personal and professional growth. Working in consulting could be a great way to start mastering the consultant's toolkit and begin to understand the consulting job and its nuances.

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Hi there,

Q: If I applied within the ban period to a BA role, does the ban restart from the new application or keep the first ban?

It should start with the new application. If they explicitly mentioned you cannot apply to any position during the ban, I would not recommend to apply again in that period.

If you still want to apply during the ban, I would recommend the following:

  • Wait at least 6 months
  • Look for a referral, if possible in a different country
  • Talk to the person and ask if there is an opportunity in that countryDisclose the previous rejection to them (as most likely they will find out anyway). If they say no, wait for the end of the ban. If they say yes, let them talk with HR to check if there is an option

You can find more on referrals here:

 How to Get an MBB Referral 

Hope this helps,


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sometimes there is difference between internship recruiting and full-time recruiting so that your ban doesn't necessarily cross over. That is definitely worth confirming before moving forward, however. Reapplying within an applicable ban period is not a good idea and could even result in getting black-listed. 

But if you start a new application process, any subsequent ban periods would be in reference to that. Because enough time needs to pass for the candidate to sufficiently “grow” before being considered by the respective firm again.

Good luck

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Yes, it will count from the new application… but only if you are rejected again!

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antwortete am 30. Mai 2023
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The ban would restart from your new application.

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