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Welcome to my profile here on PrepLounge! 😊

Before you book and compare coaches, please be aware that the recommendation rate is NOT based on session ratings and success rates but on contributions to the platform in the last month (cases generated, posts written in the forum, etc.). Some coaches use this to mislead applicants. If you look for the actual impact and success of a coach, compare the number of meetings and the number of 5-star reviews for individual sessions and packages.

If you want to learn more about my approach and how I helped generate 420+ offers in 3 years, please keep on reading below:

  • consistently coach multiple people to MBB and other firm offers every month (something no one else can claim, especially for McKinsey – please compare verified reviews, not just simple claims) since I joined PrepLounge and with StrategyCase, run one of the most successful case interview preparation websites in the world
  • I am the author of the book The 1%: Conquer Your Consulting Case Interview, which was the best-selling new release in several Amazon categories in January 2023
  • In total, I have helped more than 150 people over the last 24 months to get a McKinsey offer (the toughest firm to get into), besides countless offers for other firms
  • Our sessions combine continuous mentorship, (almost) unlimited practice cases, and many more products to support you along the way for free. You get access to the preparation materials I developed for StrategyCase that have helped tens of thousands of applicants already (e.g., Case and Fit Video Academy, Case Math Mastery Course, Creative Structure Drills, Chart Drills, Industry Overviews and Cheat Sheets, Guides for all Aptitude Tests,…)

▶ Introduction to my approach and selection of 150+ McKinsey and other success stories





I offer free introduction calls if you have any questions about my approach, success rate, MBB interviews in general, etc.





1. I have the highest success rate for MBB interviews on the web

  • My approach is highly effective and works, which is why even other well-known coaches on PrepLounge have bought my products and copied elements of my coaching approach to guide their own efforts. Luckily, you cannot copy the human element in a consulting interview and a mentorship relationship, which both are crucial for success.
  • Working with me gives you the highest success rate for McKinsey, as I have helped more than 150 people to get a McKinsey offer in the last 2 years. I am not talking about offers for other consulting firms but just McKinsey, the hardest firm to get in. Multiple people I coach receive McKinsey offers every month, besides countless offers for Bain, BCG, tier-2, boutique, and in-house consulting firms along the way. Please have a look at my reviews or the success sheet above for verified proof.
  • With 10 years in the consulting industry from all angles (5 years at McKinsey), I know the recruiting process inside and out. I can help you ace every case interview and fit interview, exactly like firms such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain want you to succeed.
  • My clients continuously receive feedback that they seem to be much better prepared than other candidates, some even skipping the final round altogether.


2. You learn how to think and communicate like an MBB consultant and not rely on pre-learned frameworks that would only hurt your performance in the real case

  • I focus on a replicable approach and effective problem-solving and idea-generation strategies for both candidate-led and interviewer-led cases. First principles thinking and a hypothesis-driven mind are at the core of my approach.
  • Interviewing and coaching 100s of candidates, I have developed a system to tackle every MBB case and question type successfully, regardless of the context, industry, or functional expertise.
  • On top of a systematic approach to cases, I teach you impactful problem-solving techniques to come up with creative answers for structure and brainstorming questions, interpret charts the right way (including the typically hidden insights), and succeed in the quantitative section of the case.
  • The habits and methods I teach work on improving your metacognitive case skills (what to do at each point during the case), your problem-solving skills (how to go about the problem and each individual question that relates to it), and your communication (how to bring your answers across most effectively).
  • For the Personal Experience Interview and fit interviews in general, we draft stories and answers together to make sure that you hit all the important boxes for the interviewers and communicate them in the most effective and impactful way. Your stories will be focused and polished without sounding rehearsed or overly crafted.


3. I support you during the whole journey and beyond and one session with me provides you with all you need to prepare on your own

  • Our sessions do not have a time limit and we take as long as we need to get through the case, the fit/PEI, your questions, and the detailed feedback and scoring part (which is often longer than the case itself).
  • My cases are up to 2x as long as the typical case interview, which will give you more opportunity to practice and me more observation points for feedback.
  • It does not end with the session. You receive in-depth feedback on the case, tailored improvement advice, a tailored preparation plan, free practice materials, further resources, and a scoring sheet after every session. Already one session gives you access to all of that.
  • Mentorship throughout. In between sessions and even after you have received the offer, I provide support and am available for questions of all kinds, usually responding within 1 hour during the day. You get my personal phone number and email for questions and discussions. I am doing this with a full-time commitment since I left the Firm and I am invested in your success!
  • I regularly advise candidates to cancel remaining sessions if their performance is already at the required level and I feel that an additional session would not be needed. I am interested in your success and not your money. I am booked well in advance and due to other commitments cannot accept every request, hence, I have no incentive to do more sessions than needed.


4. I align your needs with what counts for MBB preparation

  • We structure the sessions as you like according to your preferences and needs.
  • We take the cases from my large library of proprietary, real MBB cases across industries and functions, both typical business cases as well as more creative cases that are increasingly employed during the interviews, covering up-to-date topics such as COVID, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, etc., all with the real associated evaluation metrics.
  • I am happy to prepare tailored cases to fit your requirements (based on real MBB case standards).


5. After the first session, you receive a detailed and tailored preparation plan, practice materials, and introductions to my client network

  • How you use your time after our sessions is equally important to the time, we spend during the sessions.
  • I want to make sure that you use your practice time most effectively, spending time only on the most important items using high-quality materials and practicing only with other qualified and tested candidates.
  • You get access to all products I have developed for StrategyCase, that already have helped tens of thousands of applicants over the last couple of years.
  • If you book more sessions, we jointly adjust your preparation plan after every session.




6. I am the #1 rated McKinsey coach since the first month of starting on PrepLounge in 2021 and have kept that spot ever since

  • I conduct between 30 to 60 McKinsey interviews per month (depending on the global hiring and recruiting situation), for all countries and roles. I coach and interview everyone, from internship to full-time positions, from (Junior) Business Analysts to Associate Partners, and from graduate hires to experienced hires.
  • You won't find a more updated, focused, and global perspective on top-tier firm recruiting and interviews.
  • That is also why I have been officially selected to share my insights by PrepLounge about the McKinsey Case Interview (https://www.preplounge.com/en/mckinsey-interview) and the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview (https://www.preplounge.com/en/mckinsey-pei).
  • My client portfolio consists of all levels of experience: complete beginners, advanced case solvers, and case experts that lack the final “wow-factor” as McKinsey interviewers call it.





When I started StrategyCase, I noticed that the information on the top-tier consulting application process, the case interviews, the fit and PEI, and the different aptitude tests and games that is often circulated is either wrong, outdated, or assumed to be the same for any consulting firm. Consequently, the advice given can be detrimental to your recruiting success with the top firms.

After 5 years at McKinsey, I left in January 2020 to move on to an advisory and investor role. As an experienced interviewer and coach on the whole MBB application process, I have helped tens of thousands of people alone in the last three years with personal coaching and information products on MBB applications (including from before I joined PrepLounge as a coach) through my website StrategyCase.

How can I help you best?

I treat each case individually and offer you tailored coaching based on your background, current status in the application process, timeline, and personal goals.

Generally, my coaching is comprised of three steps:


I can help you pass the screening stage and get the invitation for the interviews by working on your cover letter and resume. As a former resume and cover letter screener, I know exactly what top-firms are looking for in the application documents. In addition, I know how to make referrals work and how to network your way to an interview both from a consultant's perspective as well as from my own personal story back in 2012 and 2014 (when I was going though internship and full-time applications with all firms).


Since November 2019, I have interviewed hundreds of candidates who took the Solve (Imbellus or McKinsey Problem Solving) Game. Based on their experience and input from game design experts I partnered up with, I have devised strategies on how to prepare and how to take the test that will make your life much easier and improve your scores. My five-session coaching package includes my Solve Game Guide with 100+ pages, 8 videos, as well as Excel templates.

Globally, I was the first creator of information products on the Imbellus Solve Game, the BCG Online Case, and the Bain Aptitude Tests. I have detailed test and game guides for every consulting firm available, all created by myself based on first-hand information (not just copied like most other guides are).


After 5 years with the Firm, I can tell you exactly how to approach the core elements of the MBB interview process, the Problem-Solving / Case Interview, and the  Fit / Personal Experience Interview. 

MBB interviews are highly standardized and structured, always consisting of the same types of questions and flow in order to be objective and reduce bias. You can use this to your advantage, and I show you how. Learn from my insights into performance drivers and mistakes that I gained in 100s of interviews.

Case interview: I emulate a real-life interview situation testing all relevant dimensions (analytics, creativity, math, communication,…), using only up-to-date proprietary case material and evaluation metrics (with a real scoring sheet that is also accessible in my book The 1% or via my website for free).

Instead of learning generic frameworks, you will learn my system consisting of the most important habits for each stage and question of the case. With my habit toolkit, you will be able to solve any case, regardless of industry or function.

You will learn how to

  • Create strong frameworks and issues trees
  • Provide creative answers to brainstorming questions
  • Interpret charts in the with the most impact
  • Tackle every math question potentially thrown at you
  • Move through the case in a hypothesis-driven manner
  • Communicate all your insights most effectively

Our sessions include detailed feedback on strengths and weaknesses as well as actionable improvement advice depending on your stage in the preparation process (from tackling major improvement levers to fine-tuning your performance). I will also send you structured written feedback after each session to summarize your performance, improvement ideas, and tips to improve each dimension on your own between sessions. You can directly put the feedback to work after every session since I will share with you my preparation materials and drills for free PLUS connect you to my other clients for joint case practice.

Fit/Personal experience interview: I will help you prepare and improve the right stories to align your fit with not only what the top firms are looking for but to make you stand out. I will demonstrate in our simulated mock interviews what fit answers surprise your interviewers. For McKinsey, we will jointly develop stories about Entrepreneurial Drive, Inclusive Leadership, Personal Impact, and Courageous Change that are suitable and practice how to tell them in a way that resonates with McKinsey interviewers. We will tailor the content and the communication of the story together to make sure that you hit all points on the interviewers' checklist in an appropriate but not too obvious manner.

I will show you how to deliver your messages in both types of interviews with the most impact. Apply these techniques to pass this part of the interview with ease.

As one of my clients phrased it: 

"In hindsight, I find it hard to imagine a better, more time-efficient, practice. I ended up feeling really confident for the interview and got the offer."

Lastly, our sessions take as long as we need. I am not bound by a 60-minute time window, and usually, they last around 80 to 90 minutes if needed.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to working with you!


Florians Coaching-Paket
The 1% Case Method
Beinhaltet 5 Sessions
High-Impact Coaching
Case and Fit Mastery
Candidate and Interviewer-led

This is a highly impactful program that can help you get multiple offers with top firms end-to-end. It includes not just coaching but ALL materials that you need to practice between sessions and the inclusion in my private client coaching group.

Before booking the package, I would suggest setting up a screening and information call. Please reach out for more information.

The program includes 5 non-timed sessions (which can be adjusted), 10 hours of video courses, 400 pages of relevant guides, 1000s of structure, chart, and math drills, and almost 1,000 practice cases in addition to continuous mentorship. The guidebooks and video courses are some of the most sold and used MBB preparation materials on the market.

Upon purchase of the package you receive access to:

  1. Cover Letter and Resume Guide (24 and 29 pages) to draft the perfect MBB resume and cover letter including pre-written templates for Interns, Graduate Hires, and Experienced Hires
  2. McKinsey Solve Game Guide (114 pages, 8 videos, and Excel templates)
  3. BCG Casey Chatbot Guide (111 pages + sample tests)
  4. Bain Aptitude Test Guide (99 pages, SOVA, Pymetrics, HireVue)
  5. Case Interview Math Mastery Video Course (25 videos, math guidebook, and 2,000 practice examples)
  6. Structuring and framework course with 14 lessons and 50 creative non-standard structuring and brainstorming exercises
  7. Exhibit and chart interpretation course with 39 lessons and 20 realistic drills
  8. McKinsey Interview Academy (40 videos of simulated McKinsey case and PEI interviews, best practices, and feedback)
  9. Practice case library (almost 1,000 cases to practice and read)
  10. Industry deep dives and overviews for 27 verticals
  11. My client network of equally motivated and strong case partners


(EXAMPLE) SESSION 1: Diagnostic and preparation planning

  • We start with an introduction and understanding of your case experience, goals, objectives, and ambitions (if we had no initial screening call)
  • We simulate a real Case Interview (McKinsey: Problem Solving Interview) using a real firm-specific case, following official interviewer guidelines
  • The case will either be candidate-led or interviewer-led, depending on the firms you are applying for
  • The case is longer than what you have to expect during your initial interview so that you have more practice opportunities and I can collect more observation points
  • I provide feedback on your performance based on the real MBB evaluation metrics and scoring sheet
  • I introduce you to my universal case approach method discussing the right steps and habits for each part and question of the case, the content creation techniques to come up with strong frameworks and brainstorming answers, insightful exhibit interpretations, and effective approaches to quantitative questions, as well as the key communication phrases and strategies
  • Comparing your performance with the best practice approach and answers and identifying the most effective levers, I show you how to improve across all areas to go from development need to a good performance and from a good performance to a distinctive performance
  • Based on your performance, we jointly work on a preparation plan and discuss the most effective exercises and homework you can do on your own to work on focus areas and improve quickly
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you have all the tools you need, and you have a clear plan about how to move forward
  • After the session, you receive a 6-9 page Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form, the scoring sheet of your performance, alternative math approaches, curated articles on your development needs, further resources, and almost 1000 practice cases
  • After the first session, I connect you with my client network to practice high-quality cases with high-quality case partners



  • We follow up on our last session to discuss your questions that came up since then
  • We simulate another real Case Interview using a different and creative real top-tier case, following official interviewer guidelines
  • The case is selected based on your initial case performance and comes with new twists and turns
  • Every case we go through covers different tricks and techniques so that after the program you have seen the most typical MBB interviewer tricks and know how to deal with them
  • I provide feedback on your performance based on the real MBB evaluation metrics
  • Comparing your performance with the best practice approach and answers and identifying the most effective levers, I show you how to improve across all areas to go from development need to a good performance and from a good performance to a distinctive performance
  • I compare and track your improvement to the first session across each of the questions and each skill lever
  • We discuss what has been most effective for you to improve and identify new and existing areas to focus on, jointly adjusting your preparation plan and discussing the most effective exercises and homework
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you have all the tools you need to work on your own, and you have a clear plan about how to move forward
  • You receive a 2-4 page Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form again


(EXAMPLE) SESSION 3: Finetuning, focus areas or different case format

  • We follow up on our last session to discuss your questions that came up since then
  • We either work on a new case or on focused drills in performance areas where you are lagging the most
  • Alternatively, we can also work on a different case format (e.g., market sizing, brainteaser, candidate-led or interviewer-led, etc) to demonstrate the similarities and differences
  • I provide feedback on your performance based on the real MBB evaluation metrics
  • Comparing your performance with the best practice approach and answers and identifying the most effective levers, I show you how to improve across all areas to go from development need to a good performance and from a good performance to a distinctive performance
  • I compare and track your improvement to the first session across each of the questions and each skill lever
  • We discuss what has been most effective for you to improve and identify new and existing areas to focus on, jointly adjusting your preparation plan and discussing the most effective exercises and homework
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you have all the tools you need to work on your own, and you have a clear plan about how to move forward
  • You receive a 2-4 page Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form again



  • We follow up on our last session to discuss your questions that came up since then
  • For McKinsey: You need to prepare three stories, one for each dimension (Inclusive Leadership, Personal Impact, and depending on the office either Entrepreneurial Drive or Courageous Change) based on my guidelines and the videos of the McKinsey Interview Academy that I shared at the beginning of the program. We then simulate the real PEI interview, starting with your first story, discussing potential starting questions and probing questions, following the real interviewer guidelines. After every story, we discuss detailed feedback to improve your structure, content, and delivery to make sure you hit all points on the interviewers’ scorecards. We repeat the process with your other two stories. You receive a 3-page PEI template that you can use for every PEI story going forward with a focus on content, structure, and communication. You leave this session with three polished PEI stories that you can use as templates for your other stories
  • For other firms: We simulate a real fit interview with more general fit questions (tailored to each firm). I have a repertoire of 150+ different fit questions and strong sample answers that will prepare you for any given challenge. The focus also here is on content, communication, and structure of your answers.
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you have all the tools you need to work on your own, and you have a clear plan about how to move forward
  • You receive a 3-5 page Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form again


(EXAMPLE) SESSION 5: Final case rehearsal or full-mock interview or focused drills

  • We follow up on our last session to discuss your questions that came up since then
  • We either work on a new case or run a real mock interview with Fit and Case or focus on drills in performance areas where you are lagging the most
  • For the mock interview, we run a real end-to-end interview situation including the icebreaker questions, one fit/PEI interview, one case interview, and finally your questions to ask the interviewer at the end
  • We discuss a winning interview mindset, the dress code, and any other practical advice that should help you get the last 5% of performance out on your big interview day
  • Before we end the session, I want to make sure that all your questions are answered, you feel fully ready for the upcoming interviews, and have a clear plan about what to do the last few hours or days before the interviews
  • You receive a detailed Excel document that incorporates my detailed feedback and interviewer notes in written form again


This is a very effective and impactful program and includes mentorship throughout and after. If you have any questions, you can always contact me directly on my mobile phone in-between sessions.

As one of my coachees phrased it: 

"I just got an offer from Mckinsey! Florian's instructions are the MOST constructive ones that I have ever seen in my 100 + case practices. I institutionalized his advice into my practice and reached a new level. […] I will give Florian a 10/10 rating!"

P.S. für deutschsprachige Kandidaten habe ich spezielle Tipps für McKinsey Deutschland.

Let's get you that offer!





  • You will learn all you need already in the first session and from then on focus on what to improve and how to improve. We optimize your preparation together and get you on the right track from the start.
  • You will have access to all materials needed to practice on your own as well as to my other coachees, not wasting any time going through low-quality cases or unprepared case buddies. I will connect you with my network of coachees, who also prepare for case interviews with top firms to make sure you spend your valuable time practicing only with other strong candidates.
  • You will work with a tailored preparation plan in-between sessions to build your baseline score by uplifting your weaknesses and work on your strengths to get the offer based on each session's feedback.
  • Whenever you have a question in-between sessions, feel free to reach out right away. During the day I usually answer within 1 hour. My goal is that whenever you feel stuck in your preparation that you get to the right answer quickly and can move forward from there without losing time.


  • Practice with real McKinsey, BCG, Bain-like cases, real MBB-like feedback, and a real McKinsey interviewer perspective to make sure you are learning the correct skills and habits from the start.
  • The habits and methods I teach work on improving your metacognitive case skills (what to do when), your problem-solving skills (how to go about the case and each individual question), and your communication (how to bring your answers across most effectively).
  • For the PEI and fit, learn exactly what content elements are important for each dimension and how to hit all the points the interviewers evaluate, and how to communicate your stories most effectively for maximum impact. You will get out of the program with polished and strong PEI stories and fit answers.
  • This program will significantly increase your chances to get an offer with ALL top firms as long as you are ready to work hard on my honest feedback in-between sessions.

The program includes 5 sessions and continuous mentorship:

  • 4 real top-tier consulting-style cases, covering the specific question types and flow that the different firms are using. The cases are very diverse and up-to-date, sometimes even twice as long so you have more opportunity to practice and I have more observation points for feedback: We take around 40 to 60 minutes for the case and 20-30 minutes for the detailed debrief (including a detailed feedback and scoring sheet with performance tracking across sessions).
  • 1 Fit/Personal Experience Interview simulation, during which we will go through a typical set of fit questions and/or 3 of your PEI stories in great detail (3 stories per interview, one for each dimension) and I teach you what to highlight to stand out from the rest. This session usually lasts around 90 minutes with 20 to 30 minutes per story with detailed verbal and written feedback.
  • Can also be tailored to your specific needs, for instance turning the sessions into real mock interviews with fit and a normal-length case.

Regarding the spacing of the sessions, I have run the full program successfully within 4 days and within 3 months; both are outliers. I would say it's best to spread the sessions at least over 2 weeks, ideally over 4 so that you have more time to work on the feedback in-between sessions.


41 Bewertungen
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18. Mai 2021 von Sophia

I got an offer!!! Florian has been really helpful for this achievement. He explains in detail each part of the case and tells you what you have to improve and some ideas of how you can do it. I recommend Florian to anyone who wants someone to rock their interview

5 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
26. Februar 2021 von Anonym

Florian is an absolute wizard at getting candidates ready for MBB and other top firms. He completely transformed how I approach cases and by the 2nd/3rd session, there was no case where I felt uncomfortable tackling.

Sessions with Florian are amazing for so many reasons:
1. He is extremely attentive and gives you very detailed and highly actionable feedback based on real evaluation criteria in the form of a multi-page Google Sheet. It's always super helpful going through the feedback sheet after our sessions to really internalise his feedback. The sheet even contains examples of how you should approach the exact math questions in the case as well as links to a throve of resources which you can use to practice for free.

2. His coaching is focused on building up the right habits so that you come across as confident and always in control of the case, regardless of what is asked. It will take multiple sessions with peers to truly internalise these habits, but it will undoubtedly be worth it! I have improved tremendously between sessions and now feel comfortable with whatever challenge interviewers throw at me.

3. The cases Florian uses are very well-designed. Having been through MBB interviews now, I can see how close they are to the real thing. They are quite difficult and contain many traps and nuances, which is extremely beneficial as you will make mistakes and learn how to avoid them in the future.

4. Florian goes above and beyond to help you succeed. He regularly spends additional time with me to make sure I knew exactly how I performed and what I could do better. In fact, 3 of our sessions extended up to an extra 30 minutes. Furthermore, he's always one message/email away outside of sessions whenever you have any questions or doubts. His replies have always been very detailed/insightful (I remember asking him a frameworking question and he replied with a super detailed 300-word email!), and you can tell he really cares.

5. The materials he created (drills, guides, and his book) are the BEST in the industry and will help turbo charge your prep outside of your sessions with him. The materials are the closest to MBB-quality I have seen and have really helped me internalise the habits taught/learn new nuances.

6. Florian connects you with his network of mentees after your session for highly-effective preparation. One of the main pain points of prepping for top firms is that more often than not, the candidates you meet are unprepared or do not know what good looks like. With Florian's network, you can be sure you are casing with prepared candidates who have been trained by the best in the business.

Overall, booking sessions with Florian are 100% worth it. Regardless of where you are in your casing journey or what firm you are targeting, learning from Florian is transformational!

5 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
8. April 2022 von Will

Update: I got the offer and can definitely attribute my success to Florian's coaching. All the below still stands true, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to break into MBB.

I'm still going through the interview process so I can't speak to end results yet, but after having gone through the McKinsey Rocket program with Florian, I successfully passed my first round.

I can categorize Florian's coaching into 3 key areas:

1. Case Prep
Florian is really a natural teacher. I've heard from people in business school that they had to do 50+ cases to become comfortable before their case interviews. I did 4 sessions with Florian, having never done a case before, and came away probably 95% prepared. I learned the foundation, things to focus on, and a bunch of tricks to lookout for. Florian gives very robust cases that are also different so you can cover a lot in 4 cases. Getting 95% prepared from just 4 is incredible efficiency especially for those who don't have an entire school consulting club network to help prepare.

2. PEI Prep
In addition he helps prep for the PEI which is a commonly overlooked part of the interview process. He provides a lot of insight into it and what you need to do to be successful. This is super helpful as most people only focus on the casing and there are limited online resources for PEI prep.

3. Investment in each candidate
And lastly I could tell Florian treats his coaching not just as a business but as a true commitment to each candidate. He genuinely cares about his clients' success. He was constantly checking in to see how my prep was going and even offering his time to review questions or documents I had free of charge outside of sessions. He is very patient and doesn't hard cut sessions at an hour but rather when he feels that everything has been covered.

I can't recommend Florian enough and everyone who is preparing for McKinsey should definitely give him a shot. It's well worth it.

3 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

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