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BCG Fit interview: how long the answers have to be on average? Shall shall I prepare for it?

Anonym A fragte am 11. Mär 2019

I am preparing for BCG fit interview, how many minutes the answers have to be?

Any further hint about it?


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antwortete am 11. Mär 2019
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Usually the fit questions of your interview will be approximately 10-15minutes long. The answers may differ greatly - it’s not about the amount of time you answer, but rather the quality.

Answers should always be structured, start with the direct answer to the question and then build into greater detail to give concrete examples or further details to what your initial statement was. Always be sure to back it up! For example, don’t just say you’re a team player, make sure you also say why you are one.

Prepare by making a list of usual fit questions and preparing your personal answers for them.

Choose topics that complement what your interviewer already knows about you through your resume and cover letter.

Hope pé it helps,


Vlad antwortete am 11. Mär 2019
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The length is related to your story and additional questions your interviewer may ask.

I recommend using the STAR framework:

  • In Situation, you should briefly provide the context, usually in 1 or 2 sentences
  • Task usually includes 2 or 3 sentences describing the problem and your objective.
  • Then you provide a list of specific actions you took to achieve the goal. It should take 1 or 2 sentences per action (Usually 3-4 actions). Note that the interviewer can stop you any minute and ask for more details.
  • The results part should have 1 or 2 sentences describing the outcomes. This part is finalizing your story - make sure it can impress the interviewer and stay in the memory.

It is important that the Interviewers will drill down into your story to understand the dynamics, your reactions and decisions and most of all the rationale behind them. They will follow up with other questions as you tell your story to make sure they understand it in enough detail. I recommend preparing for these additional questions in advance.



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