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Ex-BCG Principal | 8+ years consulting experience in SEA | BCG top interviewer with ~5 years of interviewing experience
BCG, Kearney
Singapur (Singapore) (UTC +8)
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Critical thinking
Fit / Behavioural stories
Case interview

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Doing It Right
  • Build proper fundamentals
  • Tailored and flexible approach
  • Based on 9yrs+ experience

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Focusing on what's really important

Top consulting firms differ in their interview style and format - and these are evolving as firms are constantly looking for the most efficient and effective way to identify the best talent. But at the heart of it, top consulting firms are looking for the same core skills and traits that best talents demonstrate. What are these core skills and traits, and how do you show firms that you can demonstrate them? 

I focus on going back to fundamentals - similar to what consultants do, I break down the interview process and go to the root of what is being tested and why - and then focus on helping you improve and master them. Mastering core skills means you can tackle any format or any style, even if you are not expecting it. 

Learn from a top interviewer and top performer

I have 8+ years of consulting experience, which includes ~5 years of interviewing experience at BCG. I have interviewed and assessed 100+ candidates from varying levels all the way from interns to post-MBA consultant roles. I was also fast promoted twice (from Consultant to Project Leader, and Project Leader to Principal)

Non-traditional candidates

Graduating with a B.A. in History, I understand the challenges and hurdles that non-traditional candidates (specifically in the arts/social sciences) face. I will share practical tips and advice that helped me and others I have coached before 

Lateral hire candidates

As a lateral hire myself from a T2 into MBB, I will also shape my coaching content to your context

Benjamins Coaching-Paket
Doing It Right
Beinhaltet 7 Sessions
Build proper fundamentals
Tailored and flexible approach
Based on 9yrs+ experience

Welcome to Doing It Right. With this package, we will focus on building good fundamentals that will help you ace the case and prepare you well for the job

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