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Would you hypothesis that the PST requirement changes?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 21, 2018 - 2 answers

I know that McKinsey state there is a set benchmark score, and people believe this is around 70%...However...

Is there likely some type of flexibility around the score? Of course McKinsey would never admit this but would smaller offices, different teams (implementation/digital etc) have their own scores? If there is only 3 candidates sitting the PST and one achieves 60% and the others achieve 30%, Would HR have the discretion to progress the candidate with only 60% through to interviews (assuming they like their CV etc). Surely for a company who prides themselves on efficiency etc, they would find it much easier to be flexible to save time and resources in the process.

Just a shower thought...


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replied on Mar 21, 2018
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There is a certain bar that you have to achieve (e.g. 22 correct out of 26)

The bar may vary between the office and in different periods of time. In other words, the bar is set depending on the current demand for particular roles in the office. Thus in a bad economic cycle / issues with the pyramid and analysts / associates ratio in a particular office, I would assume the bar to be higher.


Anonymous replied on Mar 21, 2018


McKinsey doesn’t hire based on numerus clausus (ie, they need to get X people nor are getting the best out of Y that apply). It’s based on being above a certain bar (which is obviously calibrated over the years)... só don’t think you have a strong point on it



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