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How often does MBB have first round interviews?

Anonymous A asked on Oct 15, 2018

I was originally supposed to have a BCG first round interview in November but recently requested the possibility of rescheduling it due to an unexpected scheduling conflict. HR got back to me very quickly, saying they have first rounds at the beginning of every month and they could reschedule my interview to December.

This made me wonder - what is the ususal statistic for how many people get invited to a first round and then move on to the second round? Are the number of openings to give out offers predetermined or based on the quality of the applicants?


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replied on Oct 18, 2018
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Hi A and all those, who applied to MBB,

This is a great question. I agree with Guennael and Vlad: the frequency of first round interviews depends on the office needs.

However, number of people, who pass the 1st round is not pre-determined. It depends on the candidates. If there are 5 candidates, who fit, then all 5 will make it to the second round. Number of open positions in an office is not a bottleneck. So, no worries: if you are good enough, you will 100% get it.

All the best,

Vlad replied on Oct 15, 2018
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Although officially everyone would tell you that they are hiring all the bright candidates, in reality, in many offices, that will depend on the recruiting needs (That are defined by economy, retention, season, etc)


replied on Oct 16, 2018
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At BCG Dallas back when I was going through recruiting, we had about 60 applicants for 1 position; I think about 20 got a 1st round, and perhaps 5 got a 2nd round. Obviously numbers will change based on the office, business needs...

Anonymous B replied on Oct 15, 2018

Congrats on getting the BCG interview! Do you mind me asking which country you are applying/interviewing in? Any tips would be great! Thanks, and congrats again :)

USA — Tom on Oct 16, 2018 (edited)