Didn't receive any feedback during 1st Round interview, is this normal?

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Anonymous A asked on Oct 08, 2018

I just had my 1st Round interview with McKinsey, and I didn't do well the cases. But I do believe my Personal Experience stories are quite interesting and I managed to demonstrate my structuring skills (not at my best though).

However, I didn't receive any feedback during both of the interviews, meanwhile I've heard of people receiving feedbacks during their interviews in real life and on PrepLounge (which areas they did good, which areas they need to improve...)

Does this mean my interviewers think I'm hopeless...?

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replied on Oct 08, 2018
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Your interviewers are busy and have little to no direct incentive to give you actual/actionable feedback. I wouldn't read anything into this, but definitely do ask - worst case, you get feedback that was meant for someone else / not relevant to you (this happened to me); occasionally, you will actually get direct, actionable, relevant feedback that will make you better. Don't count on it, just be thankful if this happens to you.

The best way to get actionable feedback geared to your needs specifically is still to work with a coach... sorry

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replied on Oct 08, 2018
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It just means that no one gave you the feedback. It happens quite often, don't worry. It either means that they forgot or that everything is fine. You can try reaching the HR to ask for the feedback.


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Anonymous replied on Oct 09, 2018

Don't read into it. More likely, it means your interviewer went on holiday, or has a really busy case right now and is working till midnight every day, or simply forgot...

Usually, there will be some kind of notes about your interviews that interviewer took, that you can get from HR. While it's usually better to get feedback directly from your interviewer, HR will be able to voice over any key components.

Depending on where you live, you may also be able to access all notes/communications (including emails, text messages) about you and your application that the firm holds. In the UK you can do this in accordance with Freedom of Information Act / GDPR. Therefore, if you fail to get feedback by getting in touch with HR the normal ways, you can send a formal request for this (if applicable in your country).

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Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews
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