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Benefits of a mixed-gender team

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New answer on Mar 08, 2024
1 Answer
Anonymous A asked on Mar 08, 2024


First of all: thanks for the opportunity to ask questions even if some of them might be a bit controversial. 

My questions: In your opinion, what are some overlooked strengths or advantages that women bring to the table, and how can they be leveraged effectively? And can you share a personal experience where your perspective as a woman brought a valuable insight or solution to a consulting project?

Thanks for the insights!


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Nancy updated an answer on Mar 08, 2024
Senior Consultant

Hi Anna,


Thank you so much for your question, however, I am a bit confused by this question. Technically, I don't think there's any major differences on what a man / a woman might bringing in a consulting project. 


Maybe let me rephrase your question, I think with different personalities, you might provide different insights in a consulting project. Like many other firms, DHLC also leverages some personality tests to help us cultivate and develop leadership in the company. 

Take an example, personally, I am a very relationship-oriented person, therefore, I am always trying to understand what's the “agenda” my client might have when they approach to consulting to make sure I am offering the recommendations that are actually implementable for them. Some of my colleagues are more fact-driven, therefore, they prefer to dig deeper into data and facts and want to make sure that we provide more factual data to challenge the status-quo. 

Of course, I think in the end, we as consultants are hired by the client to solve challenging tasks in a structured way. The approach we take can be highly dependant on our own personality, cultural background, etc.


Hope this helps!





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