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Boutique Consultancy
Köln, München, Wien
>300 employees worldwide
Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution, Energy & Utilities, Trade and consumer goods, Trade and service, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy, Media
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  • About INVERTO GmbH

We are one of the most successful consultancies for purchasing and supply chain management, belong to the Boston Consulting Group, operate worldwide, employ over 300 people. To be more precise: 300 very satisfied people.

This is ensured by a certain something that we call very INVERTO. It consists 100% of a unique, friendly atmosphere, team spirit and fairness. And fun.

Of course, we also enjoy the fact that we have so many customers and tasks. In almost every country in the world, in almost every industry. And that is why we are constantly looking for nice people who can do something and support us.

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