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Anonym A fragte am 13. Jun 2021

Hello everyone,

I am currently applying to Tier 2 firms (OW, ATK, RB) and wondered whether there are some specific characteristics of the interviews as there are with MBB interviews. Thank you very much in advance!

am 14. Jun 2021
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am 14. Jun 2021
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Hi there,

While there technically are, I genuinely wouldn't worry about it much. It's much better to focus time and energy on being adaptable and ready for anything. I aced all 8 of my interviews and I never worried about whether I'll get a case then fit, or 2 cases, or market sizing, etc. I just prepared for everything, came in with 0 expectations, and let the interviewer dictate the flow without my preconceived notions getting in the way.

I cannot emphasize more how much of a wasted exercise (time and energy) it is to figure out little nuances between firms, offices, etc. when it comes to interviews!

That said, it probably doesn't hurt to check shortly before the interview just so that you know you're prepared. There are 3 main ways to figure out what exactly to expect:

  1. Ask HR/The Recruiting team directly (the most sure-fire way to know what's coming)
  2. Google
  3. Check on casebooks (Most, such as Columbia, Stern, etc. lay out the interview format for each firm)
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Hi there,

The types of questions for these companies in Germany are very similar to the ones you may get with MBB. I helped candidates for all the three in Germany and know a good number of real questions asked there, in case you need help please feel free to PM me.



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Completely agree with Ian. You preparation should be holistic!

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