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Anonym A fragte am 4. Jan. 2020

Hi all,

I have many friends working in MBB. I reached out to few of them and have set up informational interviews next week. Couple of them told me to prepare specific questions. I know I need to ask about culture, working environment, recent projects and lifestyle but not sure about specific questions. Can any one help with me few examples of good questions to ask in an information interview? I did search for such a question on Google and was not happy with the kind of questions many posted.

I have been following the posts on PrepLounge for a while and the experts have been doing an excellent job in providing an overview of the application process as well as preparation. So I thought I'll ask the experts here.

Please note that my friends vary from current Associates/Conslultants to Engagement Manager/Project Leaders.

Thank you for the help.

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It really depends on what's your objective.

1) If your objective is to to get a referral - the best way is to tell your background, ask if you fit and ask for their advice in prep.

2) If you are working on your fit interview prep - ask things like "why consulting"and "Why Company". It will be very useful to get the insider information about the particular office

3) If you are warping up with your prep - just do a mock case or test your fit with them


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I would ask questions regarding how it´s been particularly for them, since each person has a very very different experience in these firms -since it depends a lot on the teams, engagements, duration of them, etc.-.

For instance, I would ask (1) why is it worth it for them to be consultants knowing all the things you need to give up for that -in terms of social life, sleeping, etc.- I believe this question goes to the very core and outlines the things that make it very special (e.g., huge learning curve, being surrounded by truly brilliant people, fast pace, etc.)

Hope it helps!



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Anonym antwortete am 11. Sept. 2020

Dear A,

Depending on your objectives you can ask for referrals or for mock interview.


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